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by Most favourable review

would i buy em again......yes.

Ok, had a few sets of these, wear em at work all the time so the eventually get "killed!" Sound quality is pretty good with my ipod. They keep the noise out pretty well too.
The only downside is the cable (which is lop sided (on purpose,) is really annoying but that"s just me, and the length seems to be quite a bit shorter than previously?
Would i recommend em, yes i would, for how much they cost, (less than fifteen quid) they work well and are pretty durable. I usually kill em off at around twelve months, which with the conditions i work in i find acceptable.
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by Most critical review

Ridiculous design

I was disappointed that it wasn't made clear these earphones are of type where the lead to one side of the earphones is much longer than the other (apparently one of them is supposed to be worn behind the neck). I just can't see the benefit or point of one of these over traditional earphones when both leads are the same length. Worse thing is they can't be worn from the front like normal because of this and can't be adjusted.
This is the second time I've ended up buying earphones in this design where it hadn't been made clear on the listing which has been really annoying to the point it's made me do my first review! This needs to be made clear.
Sound quality is good but the design makes them uncomfortable to wear
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The only headphones I buy and use

I have purchased these several times. Sometimes because I lost them. Sometimes because I put them in the wash. Sometimes because they stopped working. I knocked a star off because they give up before the 2 year warrantee, which is OK, if you've bought them original and they can be replaced (they cost £45) but since I buy them so cheap on Ebay, I can't complain that much.Read full review...


Probably not genuine Sennheiser product.

I've purchased these exact same headphones in the past and to be brutally honest, I believe this product is not a genuine item. From the quality of the stitching on the storage pouch to the sound quality from the earbuds, everything is below par. Don't get me wrong, for a cheap set of earbuds they do the job ok, but nowhere near the quality of a genuiy Sennheiser product. They've been relegated to my emergency headphone drawer and I've spent 30 quid on a genuine set direct from Sennheiser. When compared to my previous CX300-II, the pouch is totally different, the stitching is poor quality, the snaplock opening is a lot softer and the logo print is not as well defined. The cable length is a lot shorter and the sound quality is nowhere near as crisp as it should be.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: 2015ukummeh


Best in ear headphones

These are easily the best in ear headphones for this price of only £12!
This is now my 3rd pair of these as I keep losing them, but I wouldn’t buy any other in ear headphones, especially if they cost more than this.
These are better than others I have tried that cost much more than these, eg SoundMAGIC E10 and Beats.
I own some Beats over ear headphones that cost £200 pounds and these sennheisers actually sound better!
They are also way better than the AKG ones that come with the Samsung smart phones.
They are perfect for exercise as they are light, have good sound isolation, are small enough to fit comfortably in your ear, also have necklace style wire which is good for keeping the wire out the way when running/exercising.
They also sound amazing and can handle anything you throw at them, even at high volume they just keep performing, others just don’t come close.
Only issue is the cable is a bit too short and I would recommend getting some Comply foam ear tips for better fit and noise isolation, they are about £8 a pack but well worth it.
So for £20 total you can have some of the best in ear headphones around!
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Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: reverestore


Not genuine - but I should have guess that from the price.

Really disappointed, CX 300-II are my favourite earphones, and I've used them for many years. I've probably had 4 sets. As I couldn't find them online anymore I resorted to ebay. The product arrives with a note saying the "packaging had been removed to save on shipping" - yeah right.

Compared to my old genuine ones, the buds are a different design, the cable is different, the sound if muffled and naff, the buds "pop" when you push them on your ears (something my Sennheisers have never done), they weigh more and the connector is different. Bah.
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Great performance for value

These are my third CX-300IIs I bought over the last 2 years. I use them everyday - and this is the bad part - what kills them after at most 10 months of use

I tried a lot of other inears, among them are some high ends, but end up using these Sennies. They provide the best overall sound and have a really good bass which is very important to me.

So if you are looking for great overall sound experience for a good price and don't bother to replace them after one year, these are the inears to go for. Cheers.
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100% Not Genuine Sennheiser CX 300 ll

Compared with REAL CX300ll and these £13.99 are NOT real. Very disappointed.

Packaging was not sealed properly and opened with barely any force. (You need scissors for packaging like this normally)
The print is not clear and very grainy
Plastic used is much cheaper
The storage pouch is much thinner and doesn't properly seal at the top and opens too easily. The stitching on the bag is very messy and poorly done
Most importantly the sound is weak, very hollow sounding with little bass

If you've owned a real pair of cx300ll you will know these are not genuine or from Sennheiser.
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Decent buy

I'm on my second pair of Sennheiser over-ear phones and I rate them pretty highly. I'd heard that the cable around the back of the neck could be troublesome but I don't mind it too much - cables will get in the way whatever style they are. I'm just a little disappointed in the sound quality. Some say they take a while to reach their best, that they need breaking-in. And I must stress, there's nothing wrong with the sound, exactly... I just think I was expecting to be blown away and instead I'm merely... satisfied. Could be I'm spoiled, my hifi is decent-ish, mid-range gear (Arcam). So I'm prepared to be patient and wait and see if they improve a little. One thing about the buy which I love is that when I want to shut the world out and get some work done, these definitely support that. So I can say you're not likely to be disappointed if you get them, especially at this price.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: stardealz-uk


great sound quality

The product has t a powerful, dynamic sound with big bass response custom-fit ear canal phones. An asymmetrical cable provides freedom of movement and the included carrying pouch avoids tangles in transit.

Offering a powerful, bass-driven stereo sound with clarity and improved dynamics are the CX 400-II Precision Black ear-canal phones.

The various sizes of ear adapters (S/M/L sizes) provided in the package allow for a personalised fit as well as a high passive attenuation of ambient noise.
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