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12 pc AA 900mAh Ni-Cd Ni-Cad 1.2V Rechargeable Battery RC Solar Yellow US Stock
07 Jun, 2017
Did yhe job
Maglev Magnetic Levitation Floating Rotating LED Holder Stand Display Showcase
15 Oct, 2017
works great, nice product !!!!
24 Volt Battery Pack for the Razor Pocket Mod (9 Ah, Versions 45 and Up)
30 Oct, 2018
Not worth the bargain they appear to be !!!
I bought these to replace 7 ah batteries for my razor scooters, they are worse than the original batteries in fact they run out of power faster. Very disappointed as I gave them a chance for a little over 2 months and now I am stuck with them. I ordered 4, 9 ah batteries for about $110 and would not recommend that you buy these. Look around for a better quality battery like a Duracell that is American made. The price might be cheap and you will get exactly what you pay for !!!!!