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ombarstore (99955)- Feedback left by buyer.
More than a year ago
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Great communication. A pleasure to do business with.
bammsbargains (1233)- Feedback left by buyer.
More than a year ago
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Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction. Excellent buyer. A++++++.
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VitaMix 3600 Plus Maxi-4000 Blender Container Only 12 Point Driver Vita Mix VGC
22 Feb, 2017
healthier option
I'm in the process of eliminating plastic from my kitchen. So I was looking for metal. Glass may not be practical for high power blenders. Vitamix Corp sells a metal container for $150. So I though to look on E-bay. However, I didn't think about the reason products change. This old blender container was meant for a different type of blending - with it's own blending technique. It also has a different blade, which doesn't make for fine smoothies. I still get lumps of unblended produce in my smoothies. Because of the spout, it's uses a little more cleaning effort, but not such a big problem. If I was a mechanical person, I would switch out the old blade for the newer style, because I don't need to knead bread - but I don't know if that would really work. (My 3600 base seems too powerful for this container.)
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6/12X Silicone Stretch Bowl Wraps Food Saver Covers Seal Insta Lids Reusable USA
25 Aug, 2020
I like them, but misleading description
The above questions do not allow me to express my true feelings. The silicon covers do work on the items they fit over. And I was pleased with that. However, they are not meant to be stretched much. Therefore, there is some deception on that. This product claimed that the large cover would stretch to cover an 11 inch bowl. I needed for it to cover a 10 inch bowl. So I bought the deal. WELL, when I tried to get it over the 10 inch bowl, it ripped. They don't stretch very far, but work on objects the size of the lids or just a little bigger. Actually, I will buy silicon lids, but will be more careful next time.