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23 Mar, 2007
David Gray - White Ladder (CD 2000)
THIS ALBUM David Gray - White Ladder (CD 2000) is by far his best ever, what comes across straight away is the production and sound, crisp, clean, and not over-charging-percussion: the lryics are so "human" and self-explanation at the same time, sometimes in a lot of cases you have to think hard about the meaning of an album, but not in this case, this album, is true great. David Gray recent stuff in my opinion has not reached the same quality this album has, the inspiration and life of "BABYLON" is so unique, White Ladder is a special Album, any criticsm if any, is that the songs could of been a bit longer even, but in saying that the music is wonderful, sound is amazing, and this is BEST EVER ALBUM one to your collection. 5/5 deservedly so!
22 Mar, 2007
Halloween 3 - Season Of The Witch (DVD 2000
This is a Very Unusual Halloween film, really you may think it should not be in the series of HALLOWEEN. I disagree, somewhere there is a small link between all the films of HALLOWEEN 2,3,4 this film explains futher of the ethos of Halloween, and is quite horror bound also. Again the typical style of 1950s' shock horror is apparent, but the filmation and the story is very good. I have just given this a film a 5! why? you may ask? well for horror movie conventions as in trying to shock the viewer is a -- yes! One scene of having worms and creatures coming out, i will not spoil it for you, will shock you! The only dissapointmtnet for me was not to see michael myers making an appearance but on the whole the film is a really a horror classic, it goes with the best horror films. So yes buy it! but don't expect too much from it! 5/5 just for great horror!
03 Apr, 2007
Johnny English (DVD 2003)
This is one film where just watch it? yes thats it dont think about it watch it? the reason why i say this is because there is virtually no storyline too it, but Rowan ATKINSON is superb the character is a talking version of mre bean in 007 form, however the film is a bit short for my liking abit more zany attitude would of worked but it is a enjoyable film, a real comedy, just buy and enjoy! 5/5 for comedy at its best!
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