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Holiday Hacks

Booking the holiday is the easy bit, but the lead-up can be stressful; making lists, buying travel-sized essentials, finding your passport and hoping your swimwear still fits. This ‘Holiday Hacks’ collection has been compiled from the best of Ebay taking the hard work out of planning, including all the things you might need with a few indulgent extras. Leaving you nothing to do but to dream of palm trees.

Bring the Heat

Warm weather isn’t something that Brits usually need to worry about. So make sure your summer wardrobe’s cutting it with beachwear that’s bold and bright, but never brash. With tropical prints and swim shorts with both colour and character –embrace the sunshine.

Swim Good

Packing for your beach break? Make sure you’ve got the ultimate summer wardrobe ready. Think Malibu Beach – cat eye sunglasses, crop tops and pastel pink bikinis to complement your golden tan. Add orange accessories for a pop of tropical colour.

Island Living

Whatever the weather has planned this summer, make sure you’re keeping things tropical. Decorate your house with bright flamingo prints, raffia chairs and pineapple pottery. Bring a bit of the holidays home – exotic wins out over ordinary any day

Garden Exoticals

Reclining in a fern print hammock, ice chinks merrily in the glass you’re holding as you sway back and forth. A heatwave is the perfect time to update your summer garden style to something a little more tropical. Say aloha to bamboo accents and quirky finishing touches.

Right On Rattan

The fan whirs overhead as you step inside, a welcome respite from the summer heat. With palm leaf patterns and wicker screens, try out a little jungle chic this season. Decorate your tropical home with mossy greens and mahogany furniture for a richer, more luxurious feel.

The White House

Coming home after a stressful day at work, you collapse on your spotless white ottoman. Sinking into luxurious cushions, you flick on the lights and the room floods with golden light. In perfect white decor you’re instantly calmer. This is one trend that will never get old.

Morocco Escape

The bustling street markets of Morocco are a spectrum of colour. Whilst on a glamorous summer holiday, why not make a statement in Marrakech with a chic look, complete with oversize straw hat. Grab your travel guide and discover North Africa’s jewel.

Over Sleep

Wrapped up in your duvet within the stillness of your bedroom, sleeping is surely everyone’s favourite pastime? Getting your eight hours of rest can be a struggle, so perfect the art of sleeping with gel pillows, chamomile tea and air purifiers – sweet dreams.

The Colour Of Summer

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and your kids can’t wait to get outside and play. Why not treat them to some new summer outfits? These adorable retro designs will keep your little rays of sunshine feeling comfortable and looking cool, even in the heat.

Into the Blue

This season, denim has gone haute. Whether you’re donning your skinnies or working a reclaimed patchwork jacket, pair with brown leather accessories for the ultimate Seventies style hit. Fresh yet familiar, this is one trend that really works for everybody.

A Jean Come True

As the weekend approaches, a fun night out with friends is on the cards. Hit the town in style with these dashing denim pieces and trend setting accessories. Rock the retro look in classic blue jeans, or turn heads with sleek white designs. The choice is yours.

Cali Life

The golden sands of the coastline have your heart swelling in an instant. You adore travel. This American escape is an ideal summer trip. From swimming and surfing on the most beautiful beaches to the discovering every must-see site in San Francisco – California dream.

City of Lights

Chic holdall firmly in hand, you hop on the Eurostar and head to Paris. A weekend trip packed with delicious food, inspiring art and incredible shopping awaits. Why not add a little French allure to your look for the occasion – think bold stripes and ballerina flats.

Soak Up Summer

Temperatures are rising, so don your oversize sunglasses and factor 50 and prepare for a hard day’s sun-lounging. Stock up on poolside furniture, from sunbeds to nautical striped cushions and stylish cream parasols. The perfect tan needs a bit of groundwork.

Yacht Likely

Cruising on the water, surf crashes in your wake. You can feel the waves of envy from the shore. Behind the wheel, the motor roars beneath you. Make sure you’re keeping your boat ship shape with anchors, hooks and lifejackets to ride the waves safely and stylishly.

Amy, Amy, Amy

With her flicked black eyeliner, head wraps and chunky gold earrings, Amy Winehouse’s Forties gangster’s moll look was all her own. With a new documentary uncovering the girl behind the name, celebrate the music of the most powerful, soulful voice of her generation.

A-Grade Audio

Good music needs to be enjoyed with higher quality equipment. Whether you’re a vinyl purist, looking to get the ground shaking with a good bass line, or need a pair of headphones for the soundtrack to your commute – we’ve got it all. Turn it up to eleven this summer.