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Modern Masterpieces

Bright colours and geometric shapes. A new perspective. Cubism changed the face of art as we know it, and with original artwork from giants of the 20th century – Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque and Sonia Delaunay – you can invest in bold and beautiful pieces of history.

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Sculpture Culture

You admire the skill and artistry of the sculptor. The head, the eyes, the hands. All perfect. An ancient culture speaking to you through chisel and hammer. Indulge in great sculpture from rare classics to contemporary abstract and fill your life with art.

The Great British Museum

Everyone remembers their first visit, walking amongst ancient gods, wizened mummies and Greek athletes. Bring the past to life with delicate ivory chess pieces for the intellectual in the family or a hand painted shunga scarf. Collect wonders from around the world.

Extraordinary Women

Individual, smart, strong and brave – the eccentric woman is adored, especially when she’s British. Brits just love an eccentric. Tracey Emin discloses her painful past through startling art and infamously untidy beds. Forever refusing to be put in a box, Sam Taylor-Johnson films David Beckham sleeping one moment, then directs the controversial film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey the next. Walking to the beat of her own drum, Tilda Swinton favours fascinating and complex roles. She even makes the predictable red carpet a cutting edge space. DANGER! Wonder women at work.

Lattes & Lynch

A coffee table book is always a chic addition to a living space, but when the book in question is about art, that upgrades the sophistication to a whole new level. Browse some works of art whilst sipping on a latte, perhaps Juergen Teller’s thought provoking photography or Rene Magritte’s surrealist art will take your fancy?

Brilliant Blue

The unmistakable blue glint from the sparkling sapphire on your finger lights up the room. Blue has an innate elegance that elevates the beauty of any piece. Blue is royal. Blue is the sky. Blue’s best friend? Gold.

A Cut Above

The colour of power, mystery and wealth. Once reserved for kings and queens, deep purple’s always inspired awe. So whether it’s freshly minted coins, regal stamps or elegantly cut amethysts set in gold, build a collection that’s worthy of royalty.

Emerald City

The sunlight catches your necklace, a glinting emerald set between the finest diamonds. Add to your gemstone collection with roughly cut fluorite and delicate Georgian jewellery. Beautiful things always catch a discerning watcher’s eye – so turn them green with envy.

The Reptile House

Not into cute and fluffy? Go for home decor that’s all snakeskin and muted metallics. A lizard motif and reptilian greens and greys are the perfect complement to soaring summer temperatures. Being a reptile lover doesn’t make you cold-blooded – just cool.

The Slow Lane

Slowly emerging from his tank, patterned carapace glinting in the sunlight, his scrawny neck reaches out to say good morning. Gentle, shy and slow-moving, turtles make for the perfect pets. So shop for heaters, plants and treats to help yours come out of his shell.

A Charmed Life

Sashaying down the street in six-inch mottled snakeskin heels, she’s nailed the art of power dressing. A staple for glamazons the world over, it’s perfect for fashion lovers with a sense of fun. Make a statement with a print that’s guaranteed to turn heads.

Tracks of Joy

Choo-choos sound through the house as trains move impressively over recently laid track. Mini-steam locomotives chug across the living room as their speedy electric counterparts ease over bridges built above the carpet. Enter a magical world of collectable trains.

Up, Up And Away

The study is filled with pristine glass cabinets. Row upon row of your favourite classic plane models, ready for perusal at any time. You love nothing more than brushing up on your aeronautical knowledge, so be inspired by our edit – the sky really is the limit.

Cycling Icon

Heads turn and people whisper as you glide down the street. Design history powers your journey. The penny farthing is one of a very few items that truly deserve the term iconic. One glimpse of this iconic design and you never forget it. It’s like learning to ride a bike.

Lovingly Restored

In a dusty auction house, the aroma of teak wood fills the room. An array of wooden furniture is ripe for an upgrade. Industrial vintage school desks crave a deep polish. Bedside tables are easily transformed with a sanding. Give striking furniture a new look and restore.

A Bear Hug

In a sea of soft brown fur, her teddies are lovingly lined up along the bed. Your little one adores her bears more than anything, so add to her collection by carefully crafting your own, hand sewing smiles and beady eyes. Everyone wants a bear that comes with love built in.

Furry Friends

Their soft, downy fur ranges from golden tan to deep mahogany. Sitting proudly atop the mantelpiece, their chocolate button eyes cast a friendly glance across the room. Indulge your passion for Steiff, Merrythought and Hermann with this collection of must-haves.

Made With Love

Sanding down a majestic piece of oak picked up for pennies. What to create today? The possibilities are endless. Deciding on an exquisite handmade rocking chair. Perfect for curling up in the evenings; book in hand. Nothing feels as good as creating something from scratch.

Living Dolls

In a spotless white room the natural light catches the shadows thrown from the dollhouses. Beyond an obsession, no tiny detail is ever overlooked. Perfect diminutives – from miniature vintage radios to pretty bathroom suites. Create a flawless little world.