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Collection of products named Amazing Grates
Today's Top Collection

Amazing Grates

Glowing coal. Flickering golden light. Cuddle up in front of a quintessentially Victorian hearth and stoke up the flames. With plenty of kindling, settle in for a night in front of the fire to keep the winter blues at bay. Cast iron grates add class and warmth to any room.

Today's Featured Collections

Woodland Dreaming

The walls are clean and ivory. Lovingly restored wood floors. A candle flickers gently. Curling up on a fluffy quilt with a good book. The bedroom is the most relaxing room in the house, after all. Channel stylish minimalism with wood furniture – then sit back and relax.

Earthy Kitchen

Polished or unpolished. Dark or sandy. Modernity in the kitchen doesn’t need to be cold steel, chrome or marble. The softer option is smooth wooden accents. When creating delicious homemade delicacies, enjoy the surroundings of contemporary style meets Mother Nature.

Earth Mother

Glowing with health. Fresh from Bikram, you’re cooking up some vegan delicacies using home-grown herbs and the finest, fresh ingredients. With chic earthenware crockery on a Birch wood table, start the year in sustainable style. Your friends will be green with envy.

Made With Love

Sanding down a majestic piece of oak picked up for pennies. What to create today? The possibilities are endless. Deciding on an exquisite handmade rocking chair. Perfect for curling up in the evenings; book in hand. Nothing feels as good as creating something from scratch.

Lovingly Restored

In a dusty auction house, the aroma of teak wood fills the room. An array of wooden furniture is ripe for an upgrade. Industrial vintage school desks crave a deep polish. Bedside tables are easily transformed with a sanding. Give striking furniture a new look and restore.

Salvaged Style

Fed up with flat packs? Started to recognise similar superstore furniture in other people’s homes? Be individual. Dig out those tools. Add a rough-and ready urban touch to whitewashed living rooms. Lovingly restored, new shelves show conscience, craft and creativity.

Make It Wood

Luxuriously dark walnut handcrafted to perfection. Sleek lines and curved edges echo the modern minimalism of steel. Natural graining ensures each piece is fabulously unique. Bring the outdoors in by juxtaposing cutting-edge technology with the beauty of Mother Nature.

Go Against the Grain

Perfectly varnished. Smooth to the touch. Every piece is individual. Who said gadgets had to be sterile and silver? Go for gold with handmade bamboo cases and keyboards that bring some warmth and personality to the latest tech trends. Embrace natural beauty.

Woodland Creatures

The sound of giggles echoes through the cool air of the playground. In the distance a woodland sits nearby and the little ones adore the magic of the tall trees. Let them show off their love of the woods with cute teddy bear knits and cosy accessories.

More Bark than Bite

Perfectly smooth. Sanded down so the sheen is just so. Wood is a major feature everywhere in this contemporary living space, from sleek wooden speakers playing the latest hip-hop, to fashion accessories made out of nature’s favourite material. It’s good to be wood.

Natural Flair

Wrapped up in a military-style parka, she can see her breath on the winter air. But luxurious faux fur keeps her warm even if the weather has other ideas. Slinging her canvas backpack over one shoulder she heads to the local park. The definition of casual chic.

Into the Woods

Twigs crackle underfoot as the dogs pad ahead. During the week he’s an urban warrior, yet come the weekend he loves nothing more than peaceful walks in the country. Embrace a slower pace of life, whilst keeping a street style sensibility with woodland inspired prints.


Winding through Parisian streets. The top’s down and the wind ruffles her hair. Often imitated but never bettered, everyone admires her vintage Beetle’s perfect curves and streamlined scarlet bodywork. In the 20th century’s most iconic car, she can’t fail to look chic.

MG Enthusiasm

The hum of an engine vibrates from behind a garage door. He busily polishes his MG. It was the first sports car he ever bought – a cherished possession. On the weekends he dons leather gloves and zips about the countryside. Upgrade a vintage MGB GT with brilliant additions.


The road ahead is quiet. The Italian heat is scorching. You’re off to pick up your dream girl. She adores your 1970s Vespa. You adore the yesteryear; you find modern motorcycles a little intimidating, so you love the nifty Vespa. Darting in and out of roads. Riding down tiny winding lanes. Whipping past espresso bars and gelaterias. Take in the Italian views from the best seat in the house. Travel the way you always dreamed – on a vintage Vespa.

Cruising The Highway

The picturesque countryside flashes past as he speeds down the open road. Chrome accents and pewter finishes glint in the sun. This is a Harley Davidson that truly turns heads. Why not discover a passion for the quintessential classic American motorbike?

Picture The Past

The shutter clicks and whirrs. Carefully removing the delicate film. Entering the peace and quiet of the dark room. Nothing is more exciting than the anticipation of developing a new roll. Extend an interest in vintage photography with these originals.

Best Of Braun

A stylish vintage radio is central to the kitchen. The merry crackling fills the house. As classic tunes play the morning coffee is sipped and the paper read. The clean, minimalist design of vintage Braun ensures any piece will always be a classic.

Unisex Vans
Unisex Vans
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