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Today's Featured Collections

Host The Ultimate BBQ

What can be better than spending an afternoon in the garden surrounded by friends cooking with man’s oldest friend, fire? Investing in a good BBQ can take some of the pressure off and decorating the garden is a great way to make your day into the most memorable event of the summer (and, for once, not because of the unexpected downpour).

Let’s Play Outside

Their giggles echo through the French doors, as you get ready for a family garden day. Outdoor toys and inflatables are strewn across the lawn as you emerge with a jug of homemade lemonade. Don’t forget to stock up on durable wooden toys for maximum al fresco fun.

Splish Splash and Relax

Steam things up in your very own hot tub by the light of a few scented candles. Soaking up the evening with a glass of bubbles in hand, why go to a spa when you can relax in style in your own backyard? Spend the summer outdoors – spa treatments are the new sports.

Right On Rattan

The fan whirs overhead as you step inside, a welcome respite from the summer heat. With palm leaf patterns and wicker screens, try out a little jungle chic this season. Decorate your tropical home with mossy greens and mahogany furniture for a richer, more luxurious feel.

House of Fords

The pearlescent shine off the sea of iconic Ford models has your heart skipping a beat. You like every car, but Ford is the brand that you love and the Ford Fair just intensifies it. Celebrate your favourite motor event with vintage cars and bright hubcaps galore.

Cuban Wheels

Cuba’s 1950s cars are iconic, harking back to a time when driving was as much about the style as the speed. So start a driving revolution and invest in soft-top Chevrolets. Cool accessories and vintage parts will really put the class in this classic.

Stay Fly

The river glistens in the sunlight as you cast your fly into the middle of the stream. Contemplating the breath-taking view, you wade in and feel the tug on your fishing rod. Opt for an outdoor hobby that’s both skilled and scenic, with fishing gear that’s reels ahead.

Positive Energy

Save power, money and the planet with our collection of sustainable electronics. Solar powered tech never looked this sleek – so from power-saving torches to rechargeable radios, go battery free. Sometimes, it’s easy being green.

Cali Life

The golden sands of the coastline have your heart swelling in an instant. You adore travel. This American escape is an ideal summer trip. From swimming and surfing on the most beautiful beaches to the discovering every must-see site in San Francisco – California dream.

It’s All Wood

This season, tropical interiors are the hottest thing around. Who says this style is only for soft furnishings? With this on-trend collection of wooden tech accessories, certainly not us. Think caramel-hued bamboo and birch, crank up the volume and get ready to lei.

On The Run

Heading outdoors on a bright sunny morning, your favourite tunes blasting out of headphones encourage you to push your running further. Make sure you’re looking stylish for your new hobby with a new set or gorgeous gear in shades of summer brights.

Dive In

Ice blue waves crash about you. Your adrenaline rushes like never before. Your passion for water sports will never cease. Whether kayaking or kitesurfing you know your place is on the waves rather than land. Dive deeper into your passion with water sport essentials.

Swim Good

Packing for your beach break? Make sure you’ve got the ultimate summer wardrobe ready. Think Malibu Beach – cat eye sunglasses, crop tops and pastel pink bikinis to complement your golden tan. Add orange accessories for a pop of tropical colour.

Bring the Heat

Warm weather isn’t something that Brits usually need to worry about. So make sure your summer wardrobe’s cutting it with beachwear that’s bold and bright, but never brash. With tropical prints and swim shorts with both colour and character – embrace the sunshine.

The Cultured Kid

They can’t get enough of art, photography and exploration. Proof that culture isn’t a question of age. Feed your kids’ curiosity and shop binoculars, books, outdoor gear and art supplies. Help them traverse the wild outdoors making great creative and scientific discoveries.

Island Living

Whatever the weather has planned this summer, make sure you’re keeping things tropical. Decorate your house with bright flamingo prints, raffia chairs and pineapple pottery. Bring a bit of the holidays home – exotic wins out over ordinary any day

Playing for Laughs

Bright colours. Bold graphics. You hear the familiar tunes as they fly through the levels. Giggling with delight as they tap away at the latest games on their pocket laptop. When electronics are this much fun, you’ll have a tech wizard on your hands in no time at all.

Little Paper Animals

They love nothing more than quiet Sunday mornings spent cutting and pasting. Since the school holidays are almost here, now’s a great time to get the kids involved in some summer crafts. Why not treat them to one of these adorable animal inspired kits?