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Big on eBay

This week has been all about New Age sterling, instruments with a difference and gearing up for your feline’s winter hibernation. Whether it’s getting your hands on Beatrix Potter coins, upping your guitar game or making sure your cat doesn’t get the sniffles, we’re the place for you.

Here there be Zombies

It’s the end of the world as they know it, and we don’t want to miss a thing. As Season 7 of the Walking Dead lurches towards us at an ever increasing speed, it’s finally time to return to the land of the zombies. And with Halloween also on its way, there’s no better time.

Adorned in Darkness

Black is definitely the colour of the season and orange – don’t forget orange. Show how well you can work this colour combo this Halloween with an array of spooky themed decorations. From inflatable signs to fairy lights, candelabras to spider web dishes, don’t miss out on the really fun stuff.

Iconic Spooks

There’s no better way to prepare for Halloween than settling down on the sofa to some nail-biting horror flicks. We’ve got our favourites, but we’ve managed to narrow down these classic cult movies to 50 top picks. Get ready for scary zombie groans, buckets of blood and suspect characters.

Little Beasts

Want to make Halloween a little bit lighter? Forget the spooks and try out funny Halloween costumes for your pet. Your sweet little puppy could soon be turned into a menacing predator – sort of. Get your Pug decked out in bat wings, your poodle in a skeleton costume and your Chihuahua in a tutu.

Top 17 Costumes

If you’re feeling stuck when it comes to picking out Halloween costumes, let us give you a hand. There have been some extraordinary characters and we’ve got some favourites for you. From the red and blue locks of Harley Quinn to the dark shine suit of Batman, your alter-ego awaits.

Prepare for Apocalypse

If you’re into 28 Days Later, you’re going to love this collection. Batten down the hatches and and embrace our zombie apocalypse essentials. From tactical walkie-talkies and waterproof matches, to emergency food rations – you’re a guaranteed survivor.

Make No Bones About It

Got a real morbid curiosity? We thought so. Get in touch with your dark side with some Halloween inspired accessories. For skull lovers everywhere, why not take a sip straight from a glass cranium? Or would you like to cuddle up against a candy skull pillow? The choice is yours.

Smart Home Surveillance Cameras

Back door, check; kitchen window, check; garden gate, check… The cautionist within knows you can never be too careful when it comes to securing your home. Find a surveillance camera to suit your everyday needs today and introduce yourself to the next stage in the evolution of home security.

Appliance Deals

Having great culinary skills is somewhat of an art, but don’t think an in-house chef doesn’t need a little assistance day-to-day. Our cooking appliances have everything you need if you love making an impression in the kitchen. From double ovens to hot plates, get them at great prices.

Up To 50% Off Vans

Since 1966, Vans have been making shoes that people love. First they were shoes for skaters, now they’re shoes for everyone. With Christmas drawing near, pick up a pair of vans for up to half price and give someone something they not only really want, but will get great use out of.

Laithwaites Wine

As we roll into the season of merriment and joy, it’s time to start stocking up on wine. Whether it be classic dinner parties, or office parties to saviour, the right grape is crucial. Luckily for you, Laithwaites has exactly the type of selection you’ll be after this Christmas.

Bathroom Deals

A bathroom is a sanctuary. Your space to take a moment and a breather then reflect and luxuriate. Your little place of indulgence doesn’t need to cost you the earth, not with the deals we have on offer. From discounted chrome shelving to fluffy dove grey towels – perfect your watery space.

Rainy Day Deals

What’s better than cosying up on the sofa and watching your favourite film? The rain outside may be falling, but with your very own home cinema, are you really that concerned? Get some great deals on home entertainment tech right here. Staying in is the new going-out – trust us.

Art School

It’s definitely not an exaggeration to say that Keith Haring is iconic. Pay homage to the pop art hero with a selection of his bright and energetic prints. There are so many collaborations, you’ll find it hard to pick just one piece. Colour, print and wiggly lines have never looked so good.

A Little Refurb

If you’re a little unsure about refurbished audio and refurbished tech, let us reassure you –they’re all the same gadgets you love to own, made more affordable. So whether you need to update your Bluetooth speakers or fancy getting some surround sound, refurb is the way to go.

Curb Catwalking

Is street wear your kind of style? Then you’ve come to the right place because we are laden with plus size sportswear. Mix rich autumnal colours and prints with luxe sports pieces for an individual take on the sports trend. Who needs an excuse to buy some fresh trainers? We definitely don’t.

Instant Focus

Magical moments are better remembered with photographs – capture these memories in a flash with instant cameras. From Fuji to Polaroid, instant photography can be for the camera obsessed and the photography novice. The best thing is you can instantly stick your photos up wherever you want.