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Within a perfectly polished glass cabinet they shine. Looking like hidden treasure, these are not for gluttonous indulgence. A Fabergé egg is a thing of beauty. So pretty, they turned heads of Russian Tsars. Add a little luxury to your surroundings with a stunning Fabergé.

Today's Featured Collections

The Roast King

The juices flow beneath a puff of steam. Your bird is cooked to perfection and the heady aroma of cracked black pepper and thyme has the family salivating. Crisp roast potatoes will of course be served. Get your chicken right every time with this culinary collection.

Smashing Eggs

An aroma of a fried breakfast wafts through the house. Eggs are your favourite. They sit jolly-like on your plate with their proud, sunshine yellow centre. Boiled, poached or scrambled, treat your eggs well with fun crockery and stylish kitchenware.

Clever Types

Tap-tap-tap – that familiar sound of fingers striking a keyboard. Your love of Sans-Serif font is a guilty pleasure, The Guardian’s 1977 San Serriffe tropical Island April Fool is another. Why not celebrate silliness and get lost in a beautiful world of typeface.

Little White Lions

If you ever find yourself washing a lion, do not keep calm and carry on. An April Fools’ prank in 1856 invited people to watch exactly that spectacle at the Tower of London. Pay tribute to historic pranksters with this collection of classic London souvenirs and lion art.

The Chocolate Factory

Take a bite through crisp chocolate shell into rich, creamy nougat. This Easter, why not go gourmet and create your own chocolate treats? Mould homemade truffles and lightly cover with cocoa powder to finish. At this time of year there’s no such thing as overindulgence.

That Seventies Show Home

She’s never been one for clinical minimalism, preferring eye-catching patterns in warm, nostalgic shades of orange and brown. Now that spring’s here and the Seventies trend is in full swing, channel her bold approach to interiors with simple, stylised floral patterns.

Baking Mad

The smell of freshly baked cake wafts through the kitchen. You take a bite into the warm sponge – just as quality control, of course. Homemade cakes always taste better, so bake something beautiful this Easter, whether it’s a showstopping Simnel or cupcakes for the kids.

Easter Funday

The stillness of the bright blue sky doesn’t capture the palpable excitement. Armed with mini-baskets, the little ones leave their bright Easter trees behind in favour of an egg hunt. Treat them to sweet chocolates and bunny shaped fun for under £10 this Easter weekend.

A Very Crafty Easter

Mountains of coloured card and pastel ribbons are scattered across the kitchen table. Pritt Stick in hand, your little darlings sprinkle glitter without a care in the world. Encourage them to make their own gifts this Easter – you’re sure to cherish them for years to come.

Hop to Spring

Delicate pastel shades fill your conscience. Washed out teal combined with freshly laundered white cotton bedecks the Easter table. Porcelain rabbits are dotted about the house, suggesting the promise of sweet treats. Embrace cute, rustic décor for a happy Easter.

Chic Easter Treats

The kitchen is strewn with homemade gingham bunting. Delicious smells waft from the oven as you await your Easter Sunday guests. Who says the little ones should have all the fun? Think cute florals and pastel shades under £10 for a grown-up and affordable take on Easter.

Petal Pushers

Sashaying into the room in delicate florals and a nude court shoe, she’s a breath of fresh air in a sea of LBDs. Go back to nature this spring with a wardrobe that’s really blossoming. Think pretty pastels and elegant clutch bags – perfect for summer soirees.

Kids At Play

Sprinting round the lawn in a sugar-fuelled frenzy, the kids are having the time of their life. The arrival of warmer weather’s definitely worth celebrating, so soak up the first rays of sunshine with family. With bunting, games and a picnic – greet spring the right way.

Let’s Do Brunch

The sun shines on the patio table groaning with an assortment of delicious pastries, homemade jams and freshly squeezed juices. A checked tablecloth and some pretty posies provide the perfect finishing touch. Why not celebrate spring with an alfresco brunch this weekend?

DIY Raspberry Pi

In a dark room a screen glows. It’s midnight, but he continues to tinker with his obsession. Beeps and bleeps sound off intermittently. The Raspberry Pi is like DIY for the computer obsessed. Whether you’re building a super-computer or learning code, enter the life of Pi.

Greener Gardens

The glint of sun on glass. Row upon row of flowers and spring greens shooting up. Nurture even the most delicate of plants in a greenhouse that’s pleasantly warm all year round. With power tools and panes, construct your own and feel the satisfaction of a job well done.

Rock On

Shards of ice blue crystal. Quartz glistens in the sun as you examine the minerals and rocks you’ve collected. With your hammer in hand as you ramble across scraggy cliffs, get more from the great outdoors with amateur geology. Learn about the world beneath your feet.

Heaven is a Half Pipe

Balanced on the edge of the half pipe, the adrenaline pumps through your veins. Decked out in baggy jeans, canvas shoes and forest green helmet, you pull off a perfect kickflip. A combination of laid-back street style and punk, you’re the definition of skater cool.