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Collection of products named More Bark than Bite
Today's Top Collection

More Bark than Bite

Perfectly smooth. Sanded down so the sheen is just so. Wood is a major feature everywhere in this contemporary living space, from sleek wooden speakers playing the latest hip-hop, to fashion accessories made out of nature’s favourite material. It’s good to be wood.

Today's Featured Collections

Go Against the Grain

Perfectly varnished. Smooth to the touch. Every piece is individual. Who said gadgets had to be sterile and silver? Go for gold with handmade bamboo cases and keyboards that bring some warmth and personality to the latest tech trends. Embrace natural beauty.

Make It Wood

Luxuriously dark walnut handcrafted to perfection. Sleek lines and curved edges echo the modern minimalism of steel. Natural graining ensures each piece is fabulously unique. Bring the outdoors in by juxtaposing cutting-edge technology with the beauty of Mother Nature.

Sounds Interesting

A buyer of vinyl. A rejecter of digital sound waves. You go old school. From the way you dress, to the car you drive – everything has a history, a story, a past. The old FM radio gifted to you from your uncle, who knew you’d had your eye on one for the last couple of years. Even as a teenager, whilst your friends adored Kurt Cobain’s lyrics, you were more interested in what Sammy Davis Junior was crooning about. Imagine playing soulful grooves on an impeccable record player. The classic tracks have never sounded better.

All That Jazz

From gramophones to turntables and MP3 players, you’re obsessed with the evolution of music. The crackle of vinyl gives you tingles and you’re forever comparing digital sound quality. Innovative technology just fascinates you, no matter which period it’s from.


Winding through Parisian streets. The top’s down and the wind ruffles her hair. Often imitated but never bettered, everyone admires her vintage Beetle’s perfect curves and streamlined scarlet bodywork. In the 20th century’s most iconic car, she can’t fail to look chic.

MG Enthusiasm

The hum of an engine vibrates from behind a garage door. He busily polishes his MG. It was the first sports car he ever bought – a cherished possession. On the weekends he dons leather gloves and zips about the countryside. Upgrade a vintage MGB GT with brilliant additions.


The road ahead is quiet. The Italian heat is scorching. You’re off to pick up your dream girl. She adores your 1970s Vespa. You adore the yesteryear; you find modern motorcycles a little intimidating, so you love the nifty Vespa. Darting in and out of roads. Riding down tiny winding lanes. Whipping past espresso bars and gelaterias. Take in the Italian views from the best seat in the house. Travel the way you always dreamed – on a vintage Vespa.

Cruising The Highway

The picturesque countryside flashes past as he speeds down the open road. Chrome accents and pewter finishes glint in the sun. This is a Harley Davidson that truly turns heads. Why not discover a passion for the quintessential classic American motorbike?

Best Of Braun

A stylish vintage radio is central to the kitchen. The merry crackling fills the house. As classic tunes play the morning coffee is sipped and the paper read. The clean, minimalist design of vintage Braun ensures any piece will always be a classic.

Picture The Past

The shutter clicks and whirrs. Carefully removing the delicate film. Entering the peace and quiet of the dark room. Nothing is more exciting than the anticipation of developing a new roll. Extend an interest in vintage photography with these originals.

Game for a Revival?

In a darkened room, levels are raced through at the highest score. Whether it’s Sergeant Moody shooting through Call of Duty levels or John Lennon belting out Beatles hits on Guitar Hero, relive great teenage memories. Games as good as these never get old.

Computer Evolution

Lightning speed. Information travelling from one device to the next. What are you searching for online? The latest sold out shoe? Love? A new restaurant? You can get them all on the World Wide Web. Once foreign objects, computers are now everyday essentials. Initially a heavy shape, think cardboard boxes with a whole lot of clever things inside, the computer has since evolved. From insanely addictive smartphones to paper-thin laptops, who doesn’t love the computer? It’s the gateway to the World Wide Web after all!

Casual Chic

Striding through the Shoreditch streets in a plaid shirt, leather holdall and brogues, he’s got the midwestern hipster look down. His vintage bomber jacket complements his designer stubble and perfect physique. In navy and neutrals, go retro for effortless style.

Vintage to Vogue

In a subtle morning breeze the flash of a printed silk scarf catches your eye. Standing out from a sea of grey, she looks like she’s from a different decade – perhaps the seventies? Impeccably presented in petrol blue and classic tan. Elevate your style with a retro twist.

Physical Education

Midnight blue sky and twinkling stars. Bedtime is long forgotten. Pyjama clad, their excited little feet scramble to the window. Eyes to the telescope you picked up at the weekend. Encourage their curiosity about the world around them with educational and fun physics kits.

Playing for Laughs

Bright colours. Bold graphics. You hear the familiar tunes as they fly through the levels. Giggling with delight as they tap away at the latest games on their pocket laptop. When electronics are this much fun, you’ll have a tech wizard on your hands in no time at all.

To Infinity & Beyond

In a dark room, the bright silhouettes of stars appear on the ceiling. Your child adores outer space. Even their bedroom is a testament to their fascination. Non-stop talks of astronauts and landing on Mars are a daily occurrence. Take them to another dimension.

Out of Space

Silence accompanies the clear night sky. Stars gleam waiting to be observed. He transports himself to other dimensions via a state-of-the-art telescope. A professional dreamer, NASA is his idea of heaven. Be inspired by the skies and explore the universe.

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