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Beat The Heat

This summer it’s all about staying cool. Thankfully, the ability to fight the heat just got a whole lot easier. We’ve put together our edit of the handiest hacks around, guaranteed to stop you overheating this season.

Sun’s Out, Top Down

Now that summer is officially here, it’s time to take to the open road in something a little less winter-friendly. Check out our edit of the top 17 convertibles right here on eBay.

Take Your Hobby Outside

Outdoor photography can become difficult in treacherous weather, but with the right camera equipment it can be a dream. Carry your Canon lens carefully in a camera bag and head out with a tripod and binoculars. Don’t forget a spare SD card for any last-minute moments.

Swing Hobbies

The lawn of the green course stretches as far as the eye can see. It’s a panoramic scene ready to be played on. He swings his club for a clean strike. Dressed head to toe in diamond print menswear – a master of cool. Highlight your own putting skills in a sharp golf kit.

Cool Cars

Vintage French cars are always quirky and stylish. Whether you’re looking for a cute Citroën, a practical Peugeot or a speedy Renault, you’re sure to look chic on the open road.

Cuban Wheels

Cuba’s 1950s cars are iconic, harking back to a time when driving was as much about the style as the speed. So start a driving revolution and invest in soft-top Chevrolets. Cool accessories and vintage parts will really put the class in this classic.

Life’s a Beach in Rio

It’s a lazy day by the poolside and you’re sipping cool coconut cocktails under shady palm leaves. The colours around you are dazzling. Recreate that tropical atmosphere with hot flamingo pinks, lime greens and cool vintage pieces. Who says home can’t feel like a holiday?

Cactus Takeover

Cute, spiky and a zingy shade of green, there’s so much to love about the cactus. Whether you want to write in a cacti covered notebook or keep your best bottles in a fun cactus-shaped wine rack, we’ve got your back. If all else fails, there’s always the emoji.

The Only One (Piece)

There was a time when poolside glamour could only be defined by a bikini, but the one-piece swimsuit is rising to the challenge and taking the crown. Be daring and embrace mesh detailing and plunging necklines.

Good, Clean, Fun.

Summer is perfect for party time. So if you’re having a fun backyard soiree complete with wine coolers and condiment holders, so guests can perfectly dress their burgers, up the ante and invest in a giant Connect 4.

Scream for Ice cream

When sun appears there’s nothing better than reacquainting your taste buds to the treat of ice cream. Whether you like doing your own creations or just enjoy taking the perfect scoop before settling down to indulge, we’ve got everything for your ice cream factory at home.


The Korean beauty market is booming – from the ever popular bb cream to unbeatable skin care products. If you want your make-up look to be on point, there’s really no better place to look. Embrace your prettiest face with a little Korean influence.

Natural Home

Add a little natural beauty to your interior aesthetic with contemporary rustic charm. Try experimenting with a cane furniture chair in the hallway or even a bamboo weave lampshade to set the mood in the dining room – let rattan take centre stage.

Juicy Fruit

As the light shines through the French doors there’s only one option for breakfast. Forget fry-ups, you like something cleaner. Juicing is your way of life – healthy yet delicious. Kit out the kitchen ready for a fruit invasion with the latest peelers, juicers and slicers.

Over Sleep

Wrapped up in your duvet within the stillness of your bedroom, sleeping is surely everyone’s favourite pastime? Getting your eight hours of rest can be a struggle, so perfect the art of sleeping with a memory foam mattress, organic tea and scented candles – sweet dreams.

Home Cooling

This weekend was hot, hot, hot – and if you weren’t ready then, now’s the time to stock up on fans and air conditioners to keep cool.

Refurbishing Rocks

Pulling your new digital camera from your pocket, you point and shoot as your friends laughingly pose. The click and whirr of the shutter sounds all the more sweet knowing you scored a great deal on a refurbished model. Why not give pre-owned electronics a go?

The Perfect Sanctuary

Escape into a shiny new bathroom and get just what you need at brilliant prices. Think bright white suites and chrome finish towel rails, want to go all out – try a spa bath.