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Feel the Force

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past few months you’ll know that Star Wars The Force Awakens is on its way. Less of a movie, more of a moment in history, this film is bursting with merchandise for ideal mega fans, which also happen to make handy Christmas gifts.

Star Wars Originals

While the world was eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new Star Wars film, they never forgot where it all began. Adoring fans of the original films will lust after limited edition pieces, so make sure your gift is special and update their beloved memorabilia collection.

Home, in Space.

Bring the Star Wars universe back down to Earth with more home- and kitchenware than you can shake a lightsaber at. Think The Force Awakens – with BB-8 alarm clocks, X-Wing quilts and R2D2 egg cups.

Lego: The Force Awakens

‘May the force be with you’. For those yet to channel theirs like Rey and Finn, it’s time to build your own legacy, brick by brick, with Lego Star Wars. Play as your favourite characters new and old with sets and figures from the latest in the series, The Force Awakens.

Top 12 – Adventures

Stuck for ideas? If you’re looking for gift experiences with a difference, look no further. Treat the thrill-seeker in your life to a spot of travel. Whether wakeboarding, rock climbing, or snowboarding, they’re guaranteed the ride of their life.

Life On The Road

The camper van is a classic for a reason. Polish off that VW sign, pump up the tyres and get out on the open road in both style and comfort. We’ve got all the accessories you need to keep your camper going through all the seasons. So hop in and pick your next destination.

Put Fun On The Map

Orienteering, treasure hunting and exploring the great outdoors: Geocaching combines all three. Introduce kids to this wholesome hobby, and you’ll help them exercise while engaging their brains. All the tools of the trade can be found here, from compass to camouflage tape.

Mates Escape

A piece of sirloin steak sizzles against the BBQ grate. Satisfyingly licked by the open flames. There’s nothing like male bonding in the great outdoors and camping is the perfect getaway. Have your dream trip, whether relaxing on folding beach chairs or taking a hike.

Everyday Enamel

The scrubbed wooden table groans with the fruits of a delicious home-cooked meal. Enamel dishes piled high with comfort food favourites complement the slight chill in the air outside. Why not add a retro touch to your kitchen with stylish, yet traditional cookware?

The Better Picnic

A day out at the park means a picnic that’s a cut above. So smooth out your chequered rug, pick up your croquet mallet and get ready for a day of quintessentially British indulgence. With champagne popping, fine cheeses and finer wines, eating out has never been this chic.

The Wildlife Garden

If you’re looking to create a garden that will get the birds all aflutter, look no further. Whether you’re looking for a decorative bird table or handy feeding station, we’ve got everything you need to make your garden their favourite place to be.

Creature Comforts

Stay warm and cosy in your garden whatever the weather with the perfect selection of garden furniture. Recline into a comfy curved armchair, put your feet up and enjoy the soft crackling coming from the fire pit. You’ll feel so relaxed, you’ll want stay out all night.

Feathered Friends

Thinking about starting your own chicken parade? Make sure you don’t have a great escape on your hands with all of the essentials for any chicken coop, big or small. From wire fencing to premium feed, get everything you need to keep your chickens healthy and happy.

Let’s Play Outside

Their giggles echo through the French doors, as you get ready for a family garden day. Outdoor toys and inflatables are strewn across the lawn as you emerge with a jug of homemade lemonade. Don’t forget to stock up on durable wooden toys for maximum al fresco fun.

Into Bloom

See your style flourish with bold and beautiful brights, or keep it cool and chic with ever-classic white – our notable range of designers will dress you to impress.

Flower Boys

As summer approaches, black and grey just isn’t cutting it and a new look is required. Men can wear florals, and it’s your time to prove it. Forget contrived Hawaiian shirts – you can do better. Go out of your comfort zone and rock a head to toe floral print.

The Captain

Kids who love Captain America will want to fill their bedrooms with as many toys and souvenirs as they can fit in. But it’s not just about action figures, they can take The Captain with them – watch a swathe of red, white and blue fly past with backpacks, caps and scooters.

Ducking And Jiving

Clad in a full polka dot skirt with frothy petticoats, you dish up homemade banana splits in paper cups. Your kitchen has been transformed into a scene worthy of Grease, as guests in 50s inspired attire groove on down to rockabilly beats. Let’s boogie!