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Easy to use, a 32 GB micro SD card gives you additional storage capacity on your small electronics. In addition, it is a great way to transfer files between your smartphone, camera, and computer. With the ability to store and share thousands of JPEG files, videos, and MP3 files, this size card fits most needs.

To find the minimum write speed on the 32 GB micro SD card, look at the class rating. The higher the rating, the faster the transfer rate. This number is important because if the transfer rate is too slow, you will get lagging when loading applications, browsing photos, or recording videos on some devices. To use a micro SD card in a regular SD card slot, you need an adapter.

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About 32GB Micro SD Cards

Although 32 GB may not seem like much space in comparison to a modern hard drive, in reality, a 32 GB micro SD Card can hold a lot of data. These cards are available on eBay from a variety of manufacturers, such as SanDisk and Kingston; and you can find other capacities too. If you want to store memory intensive content, such as pictures, music, and video, then a 32 GB card is a big help. For instance, one card can hold roughly 15,000 pictures and 7,500 songs, depending on the compression rate and file type. Before buying, check whether you need an adapter in order to make the card work with your device. If you are buying this card for your mobile phone or tablet, it may be doubling, or even quadrupling, your total memory. So rather than upgrading your devices altogether, simply increase your 32 GB micro SD card capacity to create more storage.