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About Abt Badge

If you want to give your Volkswagen a sporting edge, consider adding an ABT badge to it. A classic ABT badge is suitable for multiple Volkswagen cars, ranging from the VW Golf to RS6. You can get your hands on one on eBay, in both new and used condition.

A typical modern ABT badge comes in chrome, which means it is not likely to corrode when your Volkswagen comes up against the elements. If you want to go down the vintage route, you can find this badge in a variety of colours and styles. Buying a vintage ABT badge is not just a great way to enhance your car?s image. If you are a fan of the Volkswagen brand, buying these badges in their rarest forms is a great way to establish a collection. Alternatively, a vintage badge can act as a great gift for someone who does love the brand. If you want to grab a piece of Volkswagen memorabilia, add an ABT badge to your collection today.