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The Alienware brand is synonymous with high-end computer gaming computers and peripheral devices. Even their laptops can keep with the increasing demands of modern games.

Coupled with their unique sci-fi appearance, Alienware’s laptops and tower PCs give you all the power you need and look great, especially when used with matching peripherals like keyboards and mice. Tower PCs are fully customisable so that you do not have to buy a new machine every time a game comes out, and they offer more than enough expansion slots so that you add even more power simply by inserting a new card. Fully compliant with 1080p HD monitors and televisions screes, these powerful gaming computers ensure that you experience games as their designers wanted.

About Alienware

Based in Miami, Florida, Alienware is a subsidiary of Dell and often uses their name as part of the product description. The company was originally founded in 1996 by Alex Aguila and Nelson Gonzales. Their PC hardware products are often notable for a sci-fi style of presentation. This might include decorative lighting emanating from the keyboard and alien artwork including heads and diagonal lines on many product casings and other accessories for laptops and desktop towers. Prominent amongst the product choices are models such as the M14x, 15x, 17x and 18x, plus the Aurora and X51. Many individual units within these ranges are now discontinued and enthusiasts should pick them up now while they still can. Choices from each of these can be found here. For example, for the M17x you might find a brand new and still sealed model, many with an 8GB ram and others offering 16GB, and some which have been customised for gaming. Once you know the main ways you wish to use your Alienware product, then it's likely you will easily find a model which will meet your needs. Many of the gaming keyboards are spectacularly backlit as well as superbly functional. Some are also available in other language versions '“ such as French or German. If you're looking for a mouse, you'll find plenty available; together with some spectacularly illustrated mouse mats.