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    Published byfrankenfurter-69
    Buyers Guide to Android Tablet PCs & Scammer info

    Hi all, im writing this because i feel i have been scammed by a seller and wanted others to learn by my mistakes. i cannot name the ebay seller involved as i dont want repercussions. heres my advice to...

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    Published bythepublishr_com
    The Publishr and The Battle of the Android Tablet PCs

    In 2010 alot of people were unfamiliar with ePads, aPads or WowPads.  A number of people that purchased these devices concluded aPads were absent of the feel of the iPad.  Whereas a number of people also...

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    Published byinno-in1
    Conserve & Extend Android & iOS Tablet PC/Mobile Battery Life

      Android Specific If you have a tablet pc that you have purchased from eBay or similar sites, you probably have been trumped by the poor battery life. Tablets are becoming notorious for rapidly discharging...