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When searching online for an Android tablet 10, consider that more than 200 companies make these tablets, which vary widely in terms of specifications. Some popular brands are Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, and Acer.

The "10" in "Android tablet 10" refers to the size of the screen. A tablet with a 10-inch screen is large enough for easy enjoyment of graphics, photos, and written content, without being too large for convenient travel. Choose an Android tablet 10 for optimal efficiency and portability.

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About 10" Android Tablets

Available from a number of manufacturers, Android tablets have been growing in popularity in direct rivalry to their competition, the Apple iPad. Just as customers are able to buy a smart phone from a number of companies, you can acquire a tablet from Sony, Samsung, Asus and many others. Android tablets differ from iPads in that they run a different operating system. Whereas Apple?s devices depend on iOS (also found in iPhones and iPods), Android provides an alternative based on Linux, and is the essentially the same as can be found on smartphones such as the Galaxy S4, the Sony Z1 and the LG G2. Running on Android gives the tablet access to the millions of apps and games which reside in Google?s Play Store, many of which are cheaper or free when compared to the iPad counterparts. One of the key benefits of selecting an Android tablet rather than an iPad is the variety of options when it comes to hardware. Rather than Apple?s strict hardware limitations, Android tablets can come in many number of shapes and sizes, allowing users to find the right solution for them. Ten inch tablets refer to the screen size, and many are noticeably bigger than the iPad?s 9.7 inch offering. As well as this larger screen, users can also benefit from the potential use of an SD card, NFC technology, Bluetooth file transfer and a great customisation of user interface. Rather than the iPad?s intuitive interface, however, the different manufactures of Android tablets ensure that their particular brand of interface is unique. While they all offer the same core features, it may take some time to become reacquainted with the operating system.