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    • iPod Touch 4G

      Created: 08/02/2011
    • The most striking thing about the new iPod touch is that it looks almost exactly like an old iPod touch, only thinner. When you learn about the improvements packed into the fourth generation of what is now the bestseller of Apple’s iPod range, it’s hard not to be surprised. The new iPod touch has an HD video camera, a second, front-facing, camera, ...Read more
    • well worth the extra money over the 3rd gen

      Created: 27/06/2011
    • A decent upgrade from the 3rd gen. the screen is better quality thanks to the retina display, which is around 4 times the pixel count of previous ipods/iphones and shows, every single little detain is amazingly sharp, not a single pixel stair or jagged line in sight.
      Facetime is excellent, allows you to video call anyone with an iphone 4 or ...Read more