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The Apple Mac range takes technology one step further. Weighing around just 1 kg, MacBook Air laptops offer up to 12 hours of battery power, whilst the MacBook Pro line pack in better hardware.

iMac desktop all-in-one computers come with screen sizes up to 24-inches and the 20-cm square iMac mini fits anywhere, but does not come with keyboard, display, nor mouse. Lastly, the high-end Mac Pro easily handles the most demanding software.

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About Apple Macs

Apple's computers are renowned for combining performance and usability. For Apple accessibility is key. Whilst anyone can use a Mac arguably those who will get the most out of owning one are the creative types '“ musicians, photographers and artists '“ as there are a number of well regarded Apple exclusive apps made for those who like to delve, however deeply, into these artistic fields. Aside from desktop computers and laptops, you can find individual parts and spares. All of these things are available in new, used or refurbished condition (refurbished meaning that efforts have been made to restore a used product to something like it was when it was new). Apple Mac laptops are slim, lightweight machines. If you're looking at buying one of these brand new then you can expect the battery life to be very good and for it to perform very well; if you're looking at used or refurbished laptops be sure to check the battery life is still good enough for what you need it for and that its performance is up to scratch. Again, if in doubt ask. In terms of desktop computers you can find packages which have everything you need or you can buy things separately '“ find a monitor, a keyboard and a tower (which contains the processor, hard drive) and put them together. The towers available range from the Apple Mac Mini to the full on Mac Pro, depending on the kind of performance level you want. If you already have a Mac and you're looking to purchase a replacement part or buy an extra, like a monitor to use with your laptop, then you can find those things too. There are chargers, cases, screens and more.