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In the early 20th century, modernity fused with traditional artistic motifs to create the Art Deco movement. From painting and architecture to furniture and home décor, this unique aesthetic offers eclectic collectors many décor and style possibilities.

Using Art Deco décor is an excellent way to celebrate the post-WWI era whilst bringing the bold colours and geometric lines of this style into your home. From fancy furniture to bold jewellery, Art Deco is all about glamour and fun.

About Art Deco

Although the movement first appeared in France after the end of the first world war, Art Deco didn't really gain popularity until the twenties and thirties; characterised by bold colours, dramatic, graphic shapes and sumptuous decoration, the Art Deco period is more commonly associated with the heady jazz age '“ a time of decadence and lavishness. Iconic Art Deco symbolism includes the peacock, sunbursts and numerous geometric images which were thought to represent new technology, while the opulence served as a welcome distraction from the austere 1930s. Art Deco Furniture With the rise in popularity of vintage and retro items, antique furniture has never been more sought after '“ and pieces from the Art Deco period are now highly collectable. Recognisable by their sold, wooden frames and beautiful finishes, Art Deco cabinets are often finished with mouldings, carvings and glass fronts. Panelling is often popular, and handles are often intricately decorated, while curved lines and ellipses are also often present. Chairs are much the same; armchairs are often tub-style, and feature wooden legs and gently curved backrests, while dining chairs boast beautiful carved details. Art Deco Homeware The Art Deco design is embodied by the decoration, which can be found on many different home accessories; lamps often feature shaped glass shades or carved statue bases, while bronze figures are also popular home accents. Art Deco clocks are usually found to be mantle style; carved from wood or shaped from Bakelite and then occasionally decorated with metal or contrasting wood '“ expect them to be noisy as well, most of them are designed to chime on the hour.