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About Back Support Belts

Different types of back support belts provide varying functions. Waist belts are used to support the lower back. For chronic back pain there are supportive belts which provide a lumbar brace, often recommended by doctors as a way to ease discomfort. A heated version can be especially soothing for muscular pain. There is also a breathable waist belt which is made from many individual straps that have been knit together to give the same support but without the heavy feeling of being hemmed in, this can be better for warm environments or during hot weather. Another type of waist belt is used to support the lower back when lifting heavy weights during a workout. Made from thick leather or moulded neoprene, with a buckle fastening, these belts help to prevent injury during intense sessions. Belts that encompass the whole back are used in order to support a healthier posture. These can be worn at any and all times including during work, leisure or during exercise. They are usually made up of a waist belt that supports the lower back, which is connected to shoulder straps which loop over each shoulder, pulling them back in order to prevent stooping or slouching. These belts gently pull the head back in order to optimise spinal alignment during wear whilst also strengthening muscles to improve posture after regular use. Posture correction belts may also be embedded with strategically placed magnets. These use age old traditions of magnetic healing to improve the health of the back and vertebrae.