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About Back to The 60s

K-Tel is a Canadian company that operates in the music industry. The company was founded in 1962 by Saskatchewan born businessman Philip Kives. Before setting up K-Tel, Kives had experience working as a television advertiser and is often credited with creating infomercials. Prior to K-Tel, Kives had also worked as door to door salesperson and had released a compilation album of country songs.

K-Tel began by buying in outsourced products to sell on television via mail order. Early products to have been sold by the company include Teflon coated frying pans, the Dial-o-matic food slicer and the Feather Touch Knife. While maintaining the housewares section of the business, Kives expanded his presence in the music industry, releasing a number of compilation albums under K-Tel, such as Back to the 60s Volumes 1 through 5, 25 Polka Greats and 20 Power Hits. The company acquired Candlelite Records in 1980. Later, Kives diversified the business further, with K-Tel moving into real estate and oil exploration. The various ventures were not successful however, and the company applied for bankruptcy in 1984.

K-Tel has since made a resurgence, in the main thanks to its sale of music related products. The company has a music catalogue of 6000 tracks with long term rights to reproduce the original recordings, allowing the company to supply content to a number of music retailers.