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About Bench

Bench is a British clothing retailer that was originally started in Manchester. Founded in 1989, Bench has successfully developed its brand to become a well known international name, with products sold in many stores across the world. Bench clothing began in the form of t-shirt designs, but has expanded to include designer clothing for men, women and children. The company also sells a range of accessories and lifestyle products. Bench has a number of retail outlets across the UK, but their products are also sold in other stores. Bench clothing The official Bench logo often features a graphic skyline of Manchester to honour the company's origins. Bench clothing was originally influenced by youth culture, resulting in a range of urban street wear. The men's collection stays true to the brand's heritage, with new designs featuring a cutting edge, street based style. The women's collection was launched in 1998 and follows the same style of street wear. Bench also sells a range of clothing for children, with designs for both boys and girls. The clothing is designed to be comfortable and attractive to young children, whilst also retaining the same heritage themes as the adult collections. Accessories and lifestyle products The Bench brand sells a large range of accessories, such as bags and wallets, belts and hats, and scarves and gloves. This collection also includes technology accessories for use whilst travelling, including headphones and phone and laptop cases. Bench accessories each feature the recognisable Bench logo within the design of the item.