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  • Published byebayguides
    What Are the Differences Between Acrylic and Metallic Number Plates and Surrounds?

    Number plates and surrounds can be purchased in a variety of materials including acrylic as well as a range of different metals such as aluminium, steel, titanium, and more. Buyers looking for replacement...

  • 10
    Published byeuropl8
    A guide to buying Authentic German Style Number Plates

    The correct font used for the German number plates is called FE Mittelschrift. Which replaced tthe old DIN font. No other font if used for the modern German plates. Genuine German number plates will have...

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    Published byebayguides
    Rules to Follow When Buying Number Plates and Surrounds

    In the UK, the law requires that all vehicles have number plates for identification. The number plates are displayed on the front and back of the vehicle with the exception of motorbikes, where the number...

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