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Catch as many carp as you can by using bobbins on your next fishing excursion. Whether you catch your first fish or are a veteran, the extra sensitive double clip keeps fishing line in order. Even if you drop the fish back, it remains attached due to the clip release and you do not have to replace it.

Bite indicators also assist in letting you know to reel in the big catch. Score some delicious dinner by using specially designed bobbins.

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About Bobbins

All good fishing tackle boxes require essential items, such as hooks, lines, and bobbins. The fly tying bobbin is used in fly-fishing and keeps the thread spool in place. Bobbins can also be used as fishing tackle to catch large fish that put up a fight. If possible, find bobbins appropriate to the main type of fish being caught. Carp bobbins come in multi-packs, as it is good to have several on hand because they often become loose during fishing. Look for packages that include fishing bobbins with yellow heads and isotopes that make them easy to see in the dark. Top-rated Sellers on eBay offer bobbins and other fishing equipment in new and used conditions, and many include free postage and packaging.