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About Cheap Laptops

Why buy cheap laptops? Often, they are the first computers purchased for children. Kid’s computers have to endure getting hauled to and from school and friends’ homes. Adults may also prefer a less expensive machine for travel. Selecting cheap laptops requires considerations similar to any computer purchase but with a close eye to trade-offs among priorities to keep the price low. Screen size and memory are high priorities. The machine needs enough memory to run essential applications. Gaming and streaming video may require 4 GB or more of memory. Likewise, the screen size should accommodate its uses. The typical 10-inch screen works for most uses, but anyone who keeps multiple windows open while working may require a 15.6-inch screen or larger. Brand may matter to differentiate quality among similar offerings. Netbooks and laptops are very reasonably priced, especially on eBay. Buying a cheap laptop lets you support your child's studies or your own needs affordably.