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About Christmas Tree Topper

Christmas tree toppers are available in a range of styles, colours and designs to suit all Christmas trees. One of the most common tree toppers is a star, which resembles the Star of Bethlehem in the story of the birth of baby Jesus. An angel is also a popular choice, and the tradition of having an on top of the tree began in Victorian times, when Christmas trees were starting to become more and more common in family homes. The angel represents the Angel Gabriel, who was sent by God to visit Mary. There are also Jewish homes that have a Hanukkah bush to celebrate Hannukah, and this bush is generally topped with an image of the Star of David. Other Christmas tree topper designs can also include Santa Claus, bows, crosses, paper rosettes and more. Christmas tree toppers vary greatly in their designs. Materials include paper and various types of fabric, along with plastic, blown glass and metal. Some Christmas tree toppers are Victorian in their style, while others are designed to suit more modern tastes. From the simplistic to the more ornate, there is a Christmas tree topper available for everyone, no matter how the tree is decorated. Some tree toppers light up, and so will require a mains electricity socket nearby. While some will buy cheaper tree toppers, others will see the purchase of a Christmas tree topper as an investment, and as an heirloom that will eventually be passed down through the family from generation to generation.