About Cocker Spaniel

So popular are Cocker Spaniels that the image of this dog graces a variety of types of art such as portraits, sculptures, and drawings, and other forms of expression such as greeting cards, calendars, mouse pads, mobile phone pouches, and a host of other items. Both modern breeds, the English Cocker Spaniel and the American Cocker Spaniel, present in different coat colours and even colour mixtures, but both have a long, usually wavy coat and friendly eyes that are a heart-melting combination, charming animal lovers of all types. Cocker Spaniels are part of the large Spaniel family, bred in the United Kingdom since at least the 14th century. Their name derives from their Spanish origin: the term 'spanyell', and later spaniel, was used to name the breed. When some members of the canine family started to stand out for their proficiency in woodcock hunting, the word 'cocker' was added to differentiate it from other dogs in this sporting group. In the late 1800s, the Cocker Spaniel breed was given its status in bench shows and Kennel Clubs books. It was about that same time that these dogs arrived to America, where they were bred to develop slightly different traits, separating them from the British breed. The Cocker Spaniel is obedient, adaptable, and socialises very well. In addition to its convenient size, this pet dog is a good choice as an indoor pet, even around young children or elderly people. Cocker Spaniels make faithful companions but do require early training to develop good manners and regular attention in their feeding, care, and exercise regime during their lifetime. These dogs are also commonly groomed and trained for dog shows.

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