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About Crash

Crash Bandicoot has become an icon in the games industry and has survived longer than the console that gave it life, with a total of 18 separate titles that have sold more than 40 million copies worldwide. Effectively, Crash Bandicoot became Sony's mascot for the Playstation, and he was certainly the answer to Microsoft's Super Mario Brothers. Crash is a bandicoot, a marsupial that lives on the fictional island of Wumpa. The games themselves involved Crash running through various courses, jumping obstacles and ascending to different levels while collecting crystals and avoiding his nemesis - Dr Neo Cortex. Having created Crash, Dr Cortex is determined to put an end to him and to conquer the world. It's a simple premise that kept the franchise going for an incredible amount of time. The original game was a massive hit on the Playstation and Crash Bandicoot has gone on to become an institution. There are numerous collectors' editions and there is even the possibility that new owner ActiVision will resurrect the little marsupial and bring Crash Bandicoot back to the new consoles. Due to the relative simplicity of the platform-style game there is even a thriving market in the classic games as older gamers seek to relive the good old days of simpler games. It isn't just the games, either; Crash Bandicoot was as big as any modern film or game and came with similar merchandising opportunities. From clothes through to mugs and sandwich boxes, Crash's name adorns more or less everything in some parts of the world.