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Get and stay in shape using a cross trainer to regularly tone your muscles and provide cardiovascular exercise. Purchase exercise equipment that works out various muscle groups for a balanced approach to physical conditioning.

An elliptical cross trainer is similar to a treadmill, which targets the upper and lower body without excessive impact on the joints. Buy an exercise bike to work out the legs and heart and build stamina. Shop for fitness gear and improve health without leaving home.

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About Cross Trainer

Although cross trainers come in a variety of styles and configurations, the principles of this type of gym exercise remain the same, it is all about being able to work the arms and legs in an impact-free manner, while also improving core stability. Cross trainers give users a cardiovascular workout, and there are varying degrees of resistance and incline that make the workout more challenging for advanced users. Before making a final decision about a cross trainer, it is important to check the maximum user weight to see if the machine is suitable for the intended user or users. If there is a specific goal in mind for this type of exercise, such as burning fat or increasing cardiovascular fitness, every user will have a target heart rate for the maximum level of benefits. When a cross trainer has heart rate sensors that are built into the hand grips, the machine's display can show the user if they are within this range. When the individual needs to increase or decrease their current heart rate, they can adjust the speed and intensity based upon the information that is on the screen. Cross trainers that are second-hand may be supplied in one complete piece, while brand new machines are often shipped flat-packed, it is therefore a good idea to be prepared for some self-assembly. It is also vital to ensure that the whole machine has been put together safely, and there are a number of moving parts that need to be checked on a regular basis to assure the user's safety.