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To add distinct sounds and layered tones to percussion, drummers use several types of cymbals in their drum kits. By using hi-hats or crash cymbals, they are able to produce a variety of sounds.

Hand-hammered cymbals have rich, low-pitched tones. Cymbals turned on a lathe give the drummer more tonal options. Cymbal packs provide an assortment of types, so drummers can find the sound they like the best. Choose from top percussion brands like Zildjan and Sabian.

  • Zildjian A Custom cymbal set

    Zildjian A Custom cymbal set

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    Zildjian A Custom set 1x18” Paiste crash cymbal carry case - all for£330. - 1x18” Paiste crash pst series (w hat have normally done for these two is use Paiste on jam sessions and save the better ...
  • Paiste PST5 Cymbal Set & Sabian Bag

    Paiste PST5 Cymbal Set & Sabian Bag

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    + £15.99 P&P
    Sabian cymbal bag. So five cymbals in all & bag. Prefer pick up as these are heavy. 18" Medium Crash.
  • Paiste 101 Brass Cymbal Set

    Paiste 101 Brass Cymbal Set

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    Set of Paiste Cymbals Hi Hats 14" Crash 16" Ride 20" A great upgrade to any drum set.  This is a quality set of brass cymbals in very good condition, as the set has hardly been used. See sellers other...
  • Zildjian ZHT Cymbals Set with Carry Case

    Zildjian ZHT Cymbals Set with Carry Case

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    Zildjian ZHT Cymbal Set with Attitude Soft Carry/Protection Case. Case has seperate hi-hat compartment and dividers for each individual cymbal. These are great sounding cymbals and are all excellent c...
  • Cymbals Paiste 101 Brass Set and Accessories Bundle

    Cymbals Paiste 101 Brass Set and Accessories Bundle

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    Bundle Includes: 12" Splash 16" Crash 18" Crash Ride 20" Ride 14" Hi-Hat, top and bottom (hole on top is widening as shown in photo) Bag for sticks and cymbals Books Practise Pad Drum Sticks and Brush...
  • Zildjian a Custom 16

    Zildjian a Custom 16" Crash Cymbal

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    + £4.89 P&P
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    Zildjian a custom 16" crash cymbal in good used condition no cracks dents or keyhole. Just needs a clean as I never clean my cymbals.
  • Free P&P. 18

    Free P&P. 18" Zyn Crash Cymbal For Drum Kit.

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    18" Zyn Crash Cymbal In very Good Condition. No cracks or key holes. A few small flea bites here and there. Great sound. Great cymbal.
  • 16

    16" Crash Cymbal - Warehouse Clearance - Bargain!

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    Crash cymbals were traditionally placed on the left side of the drum set (for a right-handed drummer), since the normally larger ride cymbal is usually on the right, however some drummers set up their...
  • Zildjian K 16

    Zildjian K 16"Dark Crash Cymbal

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    + £10.00 P&P
    For sale is a 16" Zildjian K Medium Thin Dark Crash cymbal. This is in excellent condition with no splits, key holing, dents etc. Zoom into the photos to see the condition. This cymbal costs well over...
  • Zildjian 18

    Zildjian 18" Rock Crash cymbal.

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    + £8.88 P&P
    This is a great sounding cymbal. Has a crack but can be repaired easily.
  • Paiste 2002 22

    Paiste 2002 22" Ride Cymbal

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    + £3.95 P&P
    • 28 watching
    Selling my ace 2002 ride cymbal - no cracks, dents, dings or key holes. Sounds as good as new - the marks in the picture at 11'o'clock are just in the patina of the cymbal - there's no damage to the c...
  • Istanbul Agop 20

    Istanbul Agop 20" Traditional Dark Ride Cymbal

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    + £10.41 P&P
    Lovely istanbul ride here, in good condition. Really clear stick definition, without too much wash, but perfectly crash-able. Perfect for someone who needs a versatile cymbal.
  • Sabian AAX 20

    Sabian AAX 20" stage ride cymbal

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    + £12.00 P&P
    It's been played but it's in good condition with no cracks or keyholing, just not quite as shiny as it used to be. Hopefully the photo gives a good idea of the condition. It's a great sounding cymbal.
  • Paiste RUDE 16

    Paiste RUDE 16" Crash/Ride cymbal

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    + £8.99 P&P
    Also makes a great 16" hi hat bottom!
  • Istanbul Agop 20

    Istanbul Agop 20" Tradtional Ride Cymbal

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    + £10.00 P&P
    At 2510g, this is quite heavy for a 20" ride, meaning it has a comparatively higher pitch and more volume than some other Agop 20's. This makes for a more versatile and hard-wearing cymbal suitable th...

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