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Quick and simple blade changes and an adjustable dust blower make the DeWalt jigsaw a must-have tool for DIYers. A keyless lever-action blade clamp and all metal bevel allow the user to interchange blades and cut with ease. An adjustable orbital action helps to control the cut quality and speed.

XRP extended run-time batteries last long and charge within one hour and an anti-slip grip allows for better control. For projects that requires precision, a DeWalt jigsaw does do the trick.

About Dewalt Jigsaws

DeWalt is a leading brand of power tools, so if you?re looking for a curve-cutting tool, this firm?s jigsaw line is one to think about. There are several products in the range, including those with top handles and body grip. However, you can expect durability and good cutting action from all of them, with the classic models having varying speed which provides rapid cutting of up to 3100 strokes a minute. At the same time, an easy and speedy patented system for changing blades without a key will take T-shank blades. Users will also find the classic DeWalt jigsaw models very smooth to handle thanks to the anti-vibration counterbalance mechanism and rubber grip. This jigsaw also has a dust blower so that the line of cut is kept free of chops. Meanwhile, a four-position pendulum mechanism can control the smoothness or aggressiveness of cuts. The tool also features full-wave electronic speed control so that the finish is consistent, whatever material is being cut, and the speed of the blade is also maintained. The jigsaw also has a gentle start so that an accurate cut is guaranteed in particular at the beginning of a job. Components have been designed in a modular way for hassle-free servicing. Quickly, easily and accurately slice through ceramic tiles, wood and a host of other materials, working in curved or straight lines. You will also be able to make internal cuts, for example when creating worktop holes for a sink or hob. Choose your blade depending on the job you are doing, and the material being cut.