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About Door Canopies

Restaurants, shops, and homes can keep snow and rain away from their doorsteps with a door canopy. Elaborate designs with iron and fabric add class and a certain statement to the venue the door canopy protects. Other options include a simple wooden design that braces to the building itself and hangs over the door and step. Arched and peaked wooden canopies add a structural element to brownstones and cottages. Clear door canopy covers let light in while keeping the elements at bay. Larger canopies benefit from a pillar to keep the unbraced edges from warping or falling with weight from snow or ice. You can stain or paint unfinished pieces to match the colours of the existing structures. Depending on the canopy and kit they purchase, do-it-yourselfers can install the structure on a weekend afternoon with a bit of help. Dozens of overhangs, canopies, and installation tools are available on eBay to help you keep the outside outdoors.