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About Drum Sticks

If you want to tap out a beat on your drums, then you need the right drum sticks. Made from a variety of different kinds of wood, each type of drum stick creates a different sound. The qualities of the wood as well as the size and shape of the drum stick all affect the sound and feel of the sticks. When it comes to all-around playing, maple and hickory are top choices as they are durable and comfortable to use. While non-wood drum sticks are available, they are not effective in absorbing vibrations, which can lead to sore muscles. Whether you are in a marching band or a rock band, finding the proper sticks is critical. Vic Firth and Zildjan are two of the top manufacturers of sticks used by famous percussionists around the world. Find drum sticks of all shapes, lengths, and thicknesses by shopping on eBay. Experiment with different sticks to find the set that best matches your drumming style.