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About Extending Dining Table and Chairs

Extending dining tables and chairs are a very popular and versatile furniture option. The most popular material used to produce these products is wood, with oak, pine and mahogany featuring heavily, although alternative materials can be used depending on taste and style. The advantage of buying the table and chairs together is that the set will be matching in colour, material and style. Extending dining tables and chairs combine the convenience and space saving advantages of a smaller table with the increased seating capacity and room of a larger one. The extending function of the dining table can operate in several different ways. Typically the additional section of table is stored horizontally on the underside of the table when in its shortest configuration. This prevents the additional section getting in the way when in use. You will be able to choose from single or multiple sections depending on the extending capacity required. To extend the table these sections are ether raised when the original panels are pulled apart or added on to the end of the existing surface. There will be a locking mechanism on the tables to ensure that the sections do not come apart whilst in use. The size of the table both in its original format and when fully extended will determine the number of chairs needed for the table. In most cases you will be able to get the appropriate number of chairs for the table in one go. If not it may become difficult to find matching chairs at a later date.