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Fancy dress costumes are fun to wear for both children and adults. Whatever the occasion, you can choose from a wide array of costumes. Dress up as a film star, zombie, superhero, police officer, animal, or something else entirely.

A brightly coloured wig is a good investment, as you can adapt one to a variety of costumes. A mask is an easy disguise that you can use time and time again. Transform yourself for a night with fancy dress.

Pulling together a fancy-dress costume might not be easy but it can be a lot of fun. Our video has useful tips from an expert to lead you to the fancy dress outfit for a perfect show.

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About Fancy Dress

Get into the spirit of anything from Halloween to Carnival with fancy dress. Dressing up for one of these masquerade occasions is a fun way to explore your own creativity and put on a different persona for a night. Kids can dip their toes in scary options for Halloween and dress up as anything from a mummy to a werewolf, keeping it simple with a plastic mask or opting for an elaborate head-to-toe costume. Mum can explore the wide array of women’s fancy dress costumes available, touching on her enchantress side with sexier costumes, such as a maid or a nurse, or engage in more traditional and family-friendly options, such as a witch costume that uses simple components, such as a pointed hat and paste-on nose. Anyone from Dad to the littlest tyke can choose from accessories, makeup kits, and clothing, too, to create a unique look. Indulge in all the fun and creativity of dressing up by looking into your fancy dress options.