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About Folding Bicycle

A folding bicycle is designed to offer all of the functions of a standard bike but be easier to store and transport. They were originally created at the turn of the twentieth century and used for military applications but in more recent times have become popular for the urban environment, particularly with commuters who prefer to travel by pedal power. There are several different folding mechanisms to choose from, some of which are faster and easier than others. The type and style of a bicycle will have an impact on the type of folding mechanism that can be used and you will be able to find bikes that have several hinges or folding points to significantly reduce the transport and storage size of the bike. In all cases the folding mechanisms should not alter the structural integrity of the frame which would reduce safety and all should have a locking mechanism to prevent the bike from folding or collapsing whilst in use. There is no less variety of gearing and braking options on a folding bike than there is on a standard product. Wheel sizes, frame sizes and handle bar styles are also available to choose from so you will be able to find a folding bike to meet your requirements. Most of the bikes will have tubular frames to reduce weight and be made from lightweight materials to make them easier to carry and transport. Some of the bikes will come with a carry or storage bag but this is not standard with all models.