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About Footprints in The Sand

Footprints in the Sand is a famous poem that may be quoted to close friends and relatives as a symbol of hope, love and faith The poem narrates a story about a person and God taking a walk by the shore. As the two converse, both leave behind footprints along their path. At a certain point, the person realises that the footprints dwindle down to his own and this happens when the individual is at the lowest point in his life. He questions God on why he was abandoned and the almighty replies by saying that the footprints were his own and that he was carrying the person in his arms.

The above collection from eBay features different types of Footprints in the Sand mementos which can be gifted to near and dear ones. The popular poem can be presented in the form of pewter key rings, glass plaques, prayer verse cards, money boxes, hand crafted crystal glass eggs, paperweights, tea towels, birthday greetings, pin badges, pocket tokens, wall art canvases, keepsake cards, bereavement message cards, hard case for a mobile phones, pocket pieces, fridge magnets and also book marks.

This meaningful poem is simple, heartfelt and is bound to tug at your heart strings. A perfect gift to lift one’s spirits.