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  • Fossil Dinosaur Jurassic Albertosaurus hand claw

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    Albertosaurus Foot Claw. Albertosaurus was the most dominant predator of the Judith River Formation. Albertosaurus was about the same size as a large White-Rhino and lived 76-74 million years ago.
  • REPLICA Fossil Dinosaur EDMONTOSAURUS Skin impression

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    Name:Meaning - Edmontosaurus means "Edmonton (Rock Formation) Lizard" Bones:Many specimanes are known from northern USA, Canada and Alaska. Even two mummified Edmontosaurus fossils have been found in ...

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    Germany . Homeosaurus pulchellus is related to the living Tuatara. Certain fossils are just too costly and some are one-of-a-kind that can only be viewed at museums.

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    Fossil Information: This bone comes from the Kem Kem region of Morocco. The bone itself measures aprox. 6.5 cm long.
  • Velociraptor killing Claw fossil dinosaur Rep

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    Velociraptor Mongoliensis Killing claw. Velociraptor means Quick Bird of Prey. Velociraptor was about 1.8m in length and its head was about 15.5cm.

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