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About Franke Eiger Tap

Leaking, low water pressure, and generally unattractive design elements often seem like an inescapable part of household kitchen taps. Thanks to the Franke Eiger tap, you do not need to suffer with these frustrations any more. The Franke Eiger tap provides excellent performance and water flow so you can quickly fill containers, wash your hands, and perform other kitchen tasks. The levers turn smoothly and feel secure when set to the off position, while a ceramic valve provides reliable and accurate control of the water flow. In addition, the swivel spout allows you to position the water where you need it. The product features a one-hole installation style that is suitable for most homes, and a built-in aeration nozzle prevents splashing. To top it off, the unit with its many great features sports a modern and attractive design with a chrome finish. Look for the Franke Eiger tap on eBay to see what a difference craftsmanship can make in your kitchen.