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Sporty, smart, yet laid back, Fred Perry is synonymous with authentic British street fashion. The brand's signature look puts the focus on casual comfort without sacrificing sophistication and style. The cotton pique shirt is their most recognizable and popular garment.

Boasting styles for men, women and children, the label covers you head to toe, with tops, trousers and outerwear collections. Polish your Fred Perry ensemble with brand accessories like bags, belts, wallets, purses and scarves.

About Fred Perry

Fred Perry is a fashion brand which was started by the collaboration of the tennis star, Fred Perry himself, and Tibby Wegner, an Austrian footballer. Their initial designs were always aimed at the tennis market. Their first innovation was that of a sweatband, which could be worn around the wrist to prevent sweat from trickling down into the hand and causing the racquet handle to slip. Their most iconic design came second: the sports shirt which was made of white cotton in a knitted fabric which has a pique texture known as waffle weave. Fred decided to use the Wimbledon laurel wreath as the logo which decorated the shirt; he had used the symbol himself since he won Wimbledon in 1934, and obtained written permission from the Secretary of the All England Club to use it for his products. The Fred Perry sports or polo shirt became well-known through the company's marketing techniques, such as giving away free shirts to leading tennis players throughout the 1950s. With the addition of 'tipping' at the collar and cuffs, the shirts became even more attractive to everyday people, and this led to them being adopted by members of the Mod movement during the 60s. The brand became one of the first crossovers from sportswear to fashion, and has in fact endured since then. The brand now belongs to a Japanese company, and many different items of clothing and accessories are marketed with the Fred Perry name. These range from bags to jackets, but the sports shirt still remains with a very similar design and fit to the original 1952 version, and the laurel wreath is still synonymous with quality.