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About Freesat HD Recorder

A Freesat HD recorder is a great way to enjoy a huge number of free-to-air digital TV channels in high definition, without the added cost and hassle of subscription. The recorders can pause, rewind and record programmes of your choice. Specifications vary between manufacturers, but in most cases you will be able to record and store up to 500 hours of programming. Most boxes offer a 'series link' function, which can help you to record all of the episodes of your favourite shows. Once you have watched your recorded programmes, you have the option to delete them from the memory to free up space or store them to watch again and again. If you have access to the internet, some models can also link up to several of the on-demand services provided by broadcasters. In order to enjoy the full effect of the HD channels you will need to have an HD ready TV and an HDMI cable (usually included with most boxes). There are several manufacturers that produce Freesat HD recorders. The access to Freesat stations, record, pause and rewind functions will be available with all products but other functions may vary between product type such as auto tuning, gaming function or link up with other devices. When buying a used Freesat HD recorder it is important to check that it is still able to access the channels, connect to the internet and record programmes. The cables to link to the TV (HDMI cable), power cable and Ethernet cable should be provided with the product. If the cables are not provided they are easy to source but will involve an additional cost. It is recommended that cables are sourced and tests carried out before buying a used product to ensure it is working correctly.