About Futurama

It's 29th December, 1999, and simple-minded pizza delivery boy Philip Fry is reflecting mournfully on the mundanity of his life after attending a bogus midnight callout from the local cryogenics lab. As he quietly ushers in the new millennium, a clumsy accident leaves him frozen in a hi-tech pod, where he remains until his cryo-sleep ends... 1,000 years later! Upon Fry's emergence into the 31st Century, the animated, sci-fi themed comedy hi-jinks begin. Fry finds himself once again employed as a delivery boy, but this time it is for the intergalactic delivery service Planet Express. The company is run by senile, eccentric genius Professor Hubert Farnsworth and his quick-witted Caribbean accountant Hermes. The staff doctor is an incompetent, gluttonous space lobster named Dr Zoidberg, and the company robot is the charismatic, narcissistic, beer-guzzling, cigar-smoking criminal bending unit named Bender Bending Rodriguez. Fry's other companions in the team are space captain Turanga Leela, a beautiful one-eyed powerhouse who swiftly becomes the love of his life, and ditsy intern Amy Wong. Every ill-fated delivery this mismatched team makes brings Futurama's own brand of animated comedy to life. Well-written stories incorporate countless ideas from established science fiction and actual science fact as the Planet Express team traverses the entire universe, encountering scores of outrageous characters and hilarious worlds along the way. Brilliant voice acting brings all these lovable, memorable characters to life, with stunning animation that combines hand-drawn cartoons with spectacular CGI to match the futuristic style of the programme. Fans of mature animated comedy that can also cater for a younger audience, will love Futurama for its quirky characters, intelligent design, hilarious comedy and moments of genuinely moving poignancy that combine to elevate the show into a league of its own.

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