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A gas hob provides perfect control of the cooking temperature. Unlike an electric element, a gas flame instantly changes the heat to the desired level at the turn of a knob, taking it from a blazing quick-frying high to a barely bubbling low.

The hob fits on the top of the gas cooker and comes in standard sizes. A gas hob is easy to hook up to the gas piping, providing quick and simple installation.

  • Neff Gas hob

    Neff Gas hob

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    Brand new purchased in error some time ago and has been in my loft ever since so time for someone to pick up a bargain.
  • Neff T23S36N0GB Built in 60cm Gas Hob Stainless Steel

    Neff T23S36N0GB Built in 60cm Gas Hob Stainless Steel

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    o 4 burner hob  o 2 piece black cast iron pan supports with protective rubber feet  o Flame failure safety device  o Ignition via control knob  o 582 mm wide  o Black glass control panel  o Bevelled o...
  • Neff 4 Burner Gas And Electic Hob.

    Neff 4 Burner Gas And Electic Hob.

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    Great condition. Black supports included. Not used much. Must be wired into electric. Clean condition. Collection Nr Filey.
  • (430) NEW Neff T29S96N1 90cm 6 Burner Gas Hob - Stainless Steel WOW

    (430) NEW Neff T29S96N1 90cm 6 Burner Gas Hob - Stainless Steel WOW

    Full Neff Labour & Parts Warranty! RRP £449.00!!
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    + £29.99 P&P
  • Gas hob (neff)

    Gas hob (neff)

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    An old Neff gas gob in excellent condition. There is a matching electric oven sold separately.

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About Gas Hob

Gas hobs are designed to be attached to compatible ovens in homes with a working gas supply. They are fitted to the top of the oven and are used to heat frying pans and saucepans through the source of a flame.

Gas hobs come in three components - the hob, the burners and the frame. The hob has the accompanying dials to control the heat along with the cut outs that the burners fit through. The frame is placed on top of the hob and carries the heat and supports the pot or pan. The frame can be removed for ease of cleaning both the frame itself and the hob underneath. The burners can also sometimes be switched.

The hobs work by pumping gas through to the burner which is then lit by either pressing the igniter or lighting with a flame. The amount of gas being used and therefore size of the flame and amount of heat, is controlled by a dial.

Hobs usually have four or five burners attached, each differing in size. Gas hobs with four burners place one in each quarter of the square or rectangular hob. Hobs with 5 burners often separate the four into higher corners and fit one much larger burner in the centre of the hob. Common burners include a triple wok burner, a rapid burner, a semi-rapid burner, and an auxiliary burner. The different burners release different KW of power and are designed to be suitable for different types of cooking as well as different cooking utensils. This ensures that there is always a suitable burner for any type of cooking.

The hob itself can be made from several different materials. The most common materials used are either stainless steel or glass. Both provide the product with the strength and durability it requires while also being aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean. The burners themselves are usually made from cast iron in order to successfully withstand such high temperatures.

Gas hobs can come in a range of colours, most commonly black, white or silver ? to match the colour of the majority of ovens. Though rarer, other variants such as red also exist. The dials are usually designed to be at the front or on the right hand side of the hob. Many gas hobs now come with a flame safety device which senses when the flame has been turned off and then cuts off the gas supply. This prevents any accidental gas leakages.

Care must be taken when purchasing to ensure that the hob is compatible with the user?s make and model of oven, though hobs are generally very versatile in where they can be fitted. Though most ovens come with hobs attached, gas hobs may be purchased in the event of a damage or breakage of the original hob, or when a more advanced hob with better quality or a higher number of burners is required.