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As one of the most popular rock bands of all times, Genesis lives up to the story of such bands by changing its lineup many times over the years. Each change brought with it its own new flair that kept the band going and fans in lively debate.

Memorabilia from each era of the band appears in a variety of forms. From posters to shirts to vintage album covers, the right piece of Genesis memorabilia ensures proclaiming loyalty to the band is simple.

About Genesis

Genesis was formed in 1967 and went through several changes in the early days, with Peter Gabriel coming and going to be replaced by Phil Collins. Once settled, they went on to become a major force in music history, selling more than 150 million albums around the world. Unsurprisingly, the demand for Genesis memorabilia and early recordings is still strong, and despite the fact that the band has not performed live for some time, it still has a loyal fanbase. Genesis focused on progressive rock and its concerts became theatrical experiences that were well ahead of their time. Dramatic staging, pyrotechnics and storytelling on stage were all part of the Genesis experience and a 23-minute performance of Supper's Ready is still talked about to this day. In the 80s Genesis became more accessible and pop-oriented, which unbelievably in hindsight resulted in their first UK Top 40 single: Follow You, Follow Me. Their first US Number One and perhaps their most famous song of all time, Invisible Touch, followed. The band was most popular from the mid '80s to the mid '90s and it secured three number one albums among other successes. The band disbanded at the height of its success, though, as Collins went on to pursue a solo singing and acting career. Since then there have been several short reunions and the fanbase is still there. As Genesis fans tend to be slightly older, with disposable income, the market for merchandise is buoyant. The band's vast back catalogue mean there are almost endless special edition CDs and there are T-shirts, keyrings and all manner of branded merchandise on the open market.