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Habitat makes signature furniture, lighting, and other items for the home. Habitat sofas, tables and chairs, rugs, lamps, and other household items come with the motto that the useful can be beautiful and the beautiful can be affordable.

Habitat furniture and other items for the home fit all three categories. Habitat furniture runs between modern and vintage but is always comfortable and beautiful. Habitat furniture, lighting, or rugs add to the creativity and aesthetic appeal of your house.

About Habitat

Habitat is a household furnishings retailer. The company was founded in 1964 in Fulham Road in Chelsea and was aimed at 'young moderns with lively tastes'. Habitat quickly created an image, and became known for the quirky interior design of its stores; which consisted of whitewash walls against terracotta floor tiles, white wooden slatted ceilings and spotlights. The design decision was said to ensure that the main focus was on the products and not on the store décor. Habitat also became known initially for being one of the few places that sold cheap pasta storage jars, as dried pasta took off across the UK in the 1960s. Today, Habitat is known for its chic and off the wall furnishings and home accessories. In 2004, Habitat successfully launched its 'VIP Collection' (Very Important Products) whereby 22 people not usually associated with the home design realm each designed a product for the store. One example, the Manolo Blahnik shoehorn sold out in a matter of weeks, as people wanted to get their hands on the famous shoe designer's attempt at interiors. Products you can expect to find by Habitat include retro rugs, lucid lamps, symphonic sofas, amazing accessories and much more. When browsing through Habitat's items, it's hard to push aside the jovial feeling, laced with creativity and awe at the stunning designs before you. The feeling automatically envelops you. An admirable philosophy is something which Habitat has stuck rigidly to, and it has remained unchanged throughout their history. This philosophy reads: 'Remarkable design that is enduring, inventive and affordable.'