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Remember a trip to Harrods with a special purchase. Choose from a variety of items that feature the logo embroidered or appliqued on. They make wonderful souvenirs from your trip or to give to friends.

Look for a teddy bear or mug or even a pen with the crown on top. Select one that suits the recipient, such as stationary or a pencil case, with the name Harrods and rest easy in knowing you have a great gift.

About Harrods

The world famous Harrods department store is an upmarket shopping haven for Brits and visitors who come from all around the globe to the store's prominent location in Knightsbridge, London. The store itself spills over a five acre site with over one million sq. feet of selling space - within, there's plenty to look at as you wander through quality displays and eye-catching fashion, home, food, beauty and lifestyle departments - just some of the choices on offer. The seasonal Christmas department is nothing short of spectacular every year. Products from Harrods are renowned for being exceptionally high quality, and some of their popular shopping bags and other trinkets throughout the years have even become collector's items. Vintage Harrods products are highly sought after. History There's quite a story behind the famous Harrods department store. The store's founder, Charles Henry Harrod, first established his business back in 1824. A year later, in 1825, the business was based in Borough High Street. The store went through some different names, locations and incarnations, before Harrod purchased a small store in Brompton in 1851. Harrod and his son gradually bought up the adjoining buildings and expanded their business further, employing 100 people by 1880. Unfortunately, the store burnt to the ground in 1883, yet despite this Charles Harrod still fulfilled all his Christmas orders and made a profit that year. A new Harrods was built on the site, and much further down the line was sold to the Fayed brothers in 1985, and then to Quatar Holdings in 2010. Harrods also has other companies under its umbrella, including Air Harrods, Harrods Estates, Harrods Bank, and Harrods Aviation. The Harrods motto is the delightful "Omnia Omnibus Ubique" which stands for 'All Things for All People, Everywhere'.