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  • Published byguidesyoucantrust
    The best headphone amplifiers

    5 of the best headphone amplifiers Forget built-in speakers, desktop 2.1 sets and even basic headphones. If you’re serious about digital audio quality (and don’t want to annoy your neighbours), you’ll...

  • Published byebayguides
    Buyers Guide to Headphone Amplifiers

    Stereo headphones have the ability to provide discerning listeners with a sound experience that cannot be equalled by any other type of listening. However, the headphone is only as good as the system it...

  • Published byguidesyoucantrust
    Audiophile headphones guide

    6 of the best top-quality headphones Listening to your favourite music on top-quality audio hardware is something everyone should try at some point. Once you have, you won’t want to go back, but few of...

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