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About HP Pavilion G6

The HP Pavilion G6 is a budget laptop, but has received positive reviews for its decent performance. A number of different models and configurations are available, enabling buyers to choose the type of processor, the amount of RAM, and the size of hard drive that best suits their requirements. It is also possible to find models of the G6 that come with various operating systems and other software pre-installed. The processor and RAM form an important configuration in any computer or laptop. The Pavilion G6 can be found with core i3, core i5, and various Pentium or AMD processors. The Intel core series of processors are generally considered to be the faster and more powerful, with the i5 being found in gaming laptops as well as high-end home laptops. However, the likes of the Pentium B960, offering 2.2GHz, is also a good option. The hard drive is another important consideration, and it is possible to buy a factory spec G6 with as much as 750GB. Word documents and spreadsheets typically take up very little room, but regular gamers or those that store their photo, music, and video files on their laptop will want to ensure that they have a reasonable amount of hard drive space available. Also worth thinking about is the software installed, most machines will come with a Windows operating system (usually Windows 7 or 8) and some will include useful extra packages such as Microsoft Office and antivirus software.