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Founded in 1997, HTC is the proud producer of several critically acclaimed smartphones. The Taiwanese company is committed to phones that look great on the outside and also provide a user-friendly interface. Their range includes phones with both the Android and Windows Phone operating systems.

A second hand HTC is a good way to get a high-quality smartphone on a budget. Many are unlocked, which means you can choose your network provider. Equip yourself with an HTC smartphone.

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About HTC Mobile Phones

Founded in the late 1990s, HTC is a maker of mobile phone handsets and tablet computers based out of headquarters in the Taiwanese city of Taipei. Now officially known as the HTC Corporation, the business was originally named the High-Tech Computer Corporation. During the first decade or so of its existence, HTC was focussed primarily on designing and manufacturing technology operating with the Windows Mobile systems of Microsoft, but since 2009 the company has been in the business of creating phone and tablet handsets operating with Android. Android devices HTC rose to international prominence and to become a major player in the global mobile phone handset market in the few years after 2009. Its offering of relatively inexpensive but high-performing devices running on the Android operating system proved a hit with consumers around the world. There have been many HTC devices operating with a Windows platform but the company's best sellers have tended to be Android alternatives like the HTC Desire HD or the HTC Wildfire. Other very popular products from the Taiwanese company have included the HTC Sensation and the HTC Hero, all of which have full smartphone capabilities, operate via touch screens and typically come bundled with power packs, instructions and a robust set of headphones. Elsewhere in HTC's expansive range of Android smartphones you'll find the HTC One and the HTC Desire V, both of which are very powerful and eminently useable handsets in their own right. The company is also responsible for manufacturing the Google branded Nexus One smartphones that are extremely popular right around the world.