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Hugo Boss is a well known designer of men’s clothing, shoes, and fragrance—from chic leather duds to comfortable trainers, everything you need to look great is available from Hugo Boss.

The company also offers a variety of colognes—opt for the signature line and spritz yourself with the original fragrance or try something seasonal. Suits, ties, trousers, sweaters, shirts and more are all items that complete your outfit with style.

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About Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is a luxury fashion and style house that operates out of Metzingen, Germany - the same small town in which the company was established in 1924. Unfortunately, due to the difficult economic climate at the time, Hugo Boss went bankrupt in 1931. His then business partners left behind six sewing machines, in order for Boss to work at building the business back up from scratch. When Boss died in 1948, the company continued to build on its reputation, gaining loyal customers and clients and developing some contacts within the manufacturing industries. Eugen Holy took over the business just before his father's death, and in 1950 they received their first large order for men's suits. The company expanded very quickly from that point onwards, and by 1960 the suits were being sold in shops. Today Hugo Boss has over 6,000 places you can buy their high-end fashion clothing from, and they operate in over 100 countries. Some products available to purchase include shoes, smart jackets, suit jackets, sport jackets, trousers, shirts and other accessories. Hugo Boss also has licensing deals with some electronics companies, with Samsung and HTC producing a Hugo Boss branded phone. They also work with Procter & Gamble to create their own signature line of perfume and aftershave. Although the brand is split in to two core parts, Hugo and Boss separately, Boss is the more successful segment, making more than 68 per cent of the company's total sales.