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About iPhone 4 Battery

Apple's original iPhone 4 guide states that the battery in the smartphone will run at its peak level for 400 full charges. This means that the phone can be charged from 0 percent energy all the way up to 100 percent four hundred times. If you charge your phone every day, that means it will last a little over a year - this is why some people choose to buy a replacement iPhone 4 battery to increase the usage they can get out of the hardware. Although guides can be found online that will help you change the battery yourself, getting inside your iPhone 4 or 4S can be a fiddly or tricky job. Sometimes it's best to leave a battery change to an experienced professional, that way you can be sure your phone will stay in tip top working condition and it will work as it always has when you get it back. Unlike older models of mobile phones, switching out smartphone batteries isn't as simple as buying a new one, sliding the back casing off and popping in the new battery. The iPhone 4, to be specific, has screws that need removing before you can get to the inner working of the phone - after that it's not a completely simple procedure either. As well as replacement batteries, battery packs and external power devices are available for the phone - these will help to keep the battery charged for longer when on the move. There are also replacement battery covers for the iPhone 4 and 4S too.