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Launched by Apple in 2001, the iPod is one of the world’s most iconic digital music players. The iPod classic has since undergone various iterations, or 'generations'. Different generation iPods have different features. Older generations are purely for listening to music, while later models provide more entertainment options.

You can also choose from different storage capacities. A 160 GB iPod can hold up to 40,000 songs, 200 hours of video, 25,000 photos or any other combination. That means you could listen to music from your iPod for almost four months straight and never listen to the same song twice. Play at home, at parties, on your commute to work, or while jogging. Stay entertained wherever you go with the iPod classic.

About iPod Classic

The iPod classic, formerly known as simply 'the iPod' was the first handheld, portable mp3 player from technology giant, Apple. The first iPod was launched in 2001 alongside the tagline '1000 songs in your pocket'. The iPod featured a black and white LCD display, emphasising how far technology has come in the past decade. Second Generation. This used the same body as the first generation of iPod, but had double the memory of its predecessor, as well as a touch-sensitive 'wheel' to select tracks. This was the first time Apple products were compatible with Windows technology. Third Generation. In 2003, Apple completely redesigned the iPod Classic. The FireWire port was replaced with a dock connector, and the body was more rounded as well as featuring four function buttons. Third generation iPods came with a memory of up to 30GB. Fourth Generation. The function buttons were placed around the main button, and the touch wheel from the previous iPod Classic was replaced with the scroll wheel from the iPod Mini. A memory of up to 40GB was available with the fourth generation iPod classic. Special Harry Potter and U2 designs were available in 2005. At the same time, the iPod Photo was released. This was the first time that iPods could display photographs, and was seen as the premium fourth generation model. Fifth Generation. Introduced soon after the iPod Nano in late 2005, the fifth generation iPod Classic was yet again revolutionary, being the first iPod with the technology allowing it to play videos, and it stored up to 80GB of files. Sixth Generation. First launched in 2007, the sixth generation iPod Classic has since had two revisions. It boasts an impressive 36 hour battery life and a 160GB memory. The second revision of the sixth generation iPod Classic is often referred to as the seventh generation.