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About iPod Classic Case

The 6th generation of iPod's 'Classic' line launched in 2007 and has seen one minor revision. Compared with previous models, the dimensions of the casing were reduced while increasing the screen quality. As one of the most popular media players on the market, the 6th generation iPod Classic continued the tradition of having a large number of cases manufactured and designed for use with the product. Thanks to the large range of case designs available, there are a large number of options for those who either wish to protect their iPod against damage or wish to add additional functionality. For those who wish to add protection, options range from simple silicone gel solutions - which are able to protect against bumps and scrapes - right through to the cases which are claimed to be tested to ?military standards?. The cases which offer more protection are likely to be slightly heavier and increase the space which the device takes up in a pocket. For those who wish to add functionality to the device, a large number of cases carry many features. It is possible to increase the battery life thanks to rechargeable cases which use the additional mass of a case to house an extra battery. Some cases are able to integrate wireless charging into the device while others allow it to be strapped to an arm for use during exercise. A case can not only protect the device, but thanks to increasingly innovative engineering solutions, can increase the capabilities of the device at the same time.