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The smallest member of the Apple iPod line, the iPod Shuffle has taken on several different sizes over the years. Resembling a flash drive, the first generation offers 512 MB or 1 GB storage with an average battery life of approximately 12 hours. Lasting around the same time, the second generation sees about a 50 per cent reduction in size, but doubles the storage capacity to a maximum of 2 GB. Moreover, it features a built-in clip, allowing users to attach it to clothing, belt loops, and anything thin enough for it.

Next, the third generation iPod Shuffle takes on a whole new look, becoming more like a mini version of the regular iPod. Controls move from the device to the cable of the earbuds. It features playlists and reads out the song names, artists, and playlists via Apple's VoiceOver software. Battery life rates a little lower at 10 hours, but storage capacity increases to 4 GB. Lastly, the fourth and fifth generations shrinks considerably down to a small square that only holds 2 GB but lasts for 15 hours.

About iPod Shuffle

A digital audio player designed by American technology brand Apple Inc, the iPod Shuffle is the smallest model in the iPod family. Designed to play MP3 files in a random order, it relies on the iTunes 'autofill' feature, which selects songs at random from your music library or a specific playlist and copies as many files as it can fit into the iPod Shuffle's memory. History Released on 11th January 2005 at the Macworld Conference & Expo, the first-generation iPod Shuffle weighed just 22 grams and was the first to use flash memory. Unlike other iPods, the Shuffle has no screen, however later models have a voiceover feature to enable you to identify the artist and song title, and it's the Shuffle's simple control buttons which make it so desirable. Features Popular with fitness enthusiasts, the iPod Shuffle has a clip so that it can be easily attached to your workout gear, jacket, shirt, backpack or handbag strap, meaning it's not just portable, but wearable too. And thanks to its great design, it also looks good. Available in a variety of colours and with an anodised aluminium body, the iPod Shuffle is sleek, solid and durable, making it the perfect fashion accessory. Originally the iPod Shuffle had 1 GB of memory to hold up to 240 four-minute songs, however the capacity of the Third Generation model is double that, and what's more it has 15 hours of battery life, so you never have to be without your favourite tunes.